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100% Pure Sustainably Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) -Evergreen Superior Essential Oud Oil

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"Evergreen Superior: Evergreen Superior is what I initially expected from this exercise. With its camphoraceous breeze moved with raw, vegetal honey all underneath a strong current of the burning tyre and an opening note of cheese and barnyard- this is an oud with a strong shading of black, warm cinnamon-coloured reds and forest greens. Find impressions of strong, bold, and tannic red wine, like a meaty Malbec or a 'black pepper and seared steak' Shiraz wine from Australia, then a cedar and herbal-driven red vermouth offset by fortified sweetness. What I find most interesting is the note of freshly washed skin, scrubbed with an ivory bar of soap."

(Source: written by Liam Sardea Olfactics)

I am thoroughly impressed with Evergreen Oud oil! The scent is great to use alone, and it is even better to blend into my attar. I love the deep, leathery, peppery and earthy aroma. The dried-down effect was long-lasting. Thank you, Trent, for the Evergreen Oud and a fantastic product!

Aabideen Al Azmi, Kuwait City, Kuwait

How does it smell?

It is introducing Evergreen Oudh Oil, the perfect crafted Oudh oil on its own or for creating uniquely blended botanical perfumes. With its spicy, leathery, smoky and woody scent, Evergreen Oudh Oil is perfect for adding a touch of mystery and intrigue to your scent. The strong shading of black, warm cinnamon-coloured reds and forest greens in the oil also makes it perfect for creating a 'dark' perfume. So if you want to add something extra to your perfume 'repertoire', Evergreen Oudh Oil is a perfect choice. It has a thick and tenacious body that holds every scent together and the main notes to make a quality perfume.

Exceptional Purity

We have complete control over growing, creating and harvesting the material. And we only select the best one to process. On our plantation, we only nurture a single type of tree, the Aquilaria Crassna. Cultivated Agarwood is all we have; we have more than many of our competitors.

Unscrupulous sellers or distillers may mix or dilute their oils to make money.

Believe it or not, we will lose money if we mix our oils because it will cost us more to adulterate them.

Why? We only have Agarwood and nothing else planted on the plantation but Agarwood.

We distilled Evergreen Superior Oud oil using only our own cultivated Agarwood. So rest assured, purity is supreme. 

12 years, 1112 kg of wood to make 1 litre of this pure Oud oil

This genuine Oud is NOT the same "Oud" mentioned on the back label of the many mainstream commercial perfumes or even the major niche ones.

I will reveal to you what it takes to distil 1 litre of this Oud, 

First, it takes a long time, not one year, not two years, not five years,.. but 10 years to grow the trees

If you think ten years of growth is a long time., think again.

Because it does not stop there.

Some people think Agarwood grows on trees automatically. The truth is we only start creating Agarwood from the 11th year by wounding it.

Wounding the trees too early, they will die. Wounding it too late, we make lost.


During these 12 years, can you imagine that if any of these trees died before reaching maturity, We, the grower, can only use these trees for firewood? In short, we will be empty-handed.

Can you imagine that we need to regrow the trees once hewed down, which takes another 12 years before the next harvest?

That is to get the material: Agarwood.

Turning them into oil takes a further hundred hours for the distillation process.

And that is just for production only. There are many additional steps, such as administrative and logistic work, before this oil can reach the consumers.

Why are we telling you this?

You see, it takes a lot of work to distil this Oud oil. Yet, you see so-called "Oud oil" in the marketplace selling $20 for 5ml, claiming they are selling 100% pure quality.


So what do you mean, Trent? Isn't that too good to be true?

We will let you answer this yourself. Suppose sellers want to sell their products on these marketplaces. In that case, they will have to pay some fees: such as transactional fees for the market and the payment processing company (Paypal, Stripe, Square, Afterpay), listing fees, and double category fees.

In summary, these seller fees could be around 10% on average. 

These vendors must also import these oud oils to sell them to you. They may even have to pay for fulfilment and shipping fees. 

To cover all the overhead costs, around $12, would it be a challenge for the seller to sell genuine Oud oil?

Would you still believe that an Oud perfume only costs $30 for a 100ml retail price containing genuine Oud after knowing this information?

Don't worry; we have seen many customers get burned, and we are here to change that.

If you were scammed in the past and are on the fence, we would have good news for you because

You are getting 100% pure, undiluted Agarwood essential oil directly from the grower, and this oud oil is not only tested once but twice by us and many by our consumers. 

You can get your hand on this beautiful, 100% pure hydrodistilled Agarwood Oil directly from your own home! This unique sensory experience is available in 0.0.5 ml glass vials or 1-litre containers. Evergreen 100% Pure Agarwood Oil is an intense, luxurious, aromatic sensory bouquet containing base notes of smooth raw Agarwood and highlights of fragrant notes describable as warm, slightly smokey, leathery, woodsy, spicy, having a hint of bitterness and sweet honey.

Originating from Aquilaria Crassna, Vietnam, this Evergreen oil is not mixed with any other substances- it's 100% pure concentrated Agarwood Oil. Agarwood is an ancient ingredient that's mentioned in a variety of holy scriptures. Today, it's still appreciated for its superb qualities. Spiritually minded people use this specific oil to become spiritually enlightened, using only one drop on the skin, pillow, and bathwater. This aromatherapeutic oil is also used to relieve stress and anxiety and also to enhance alertness.

Also named Oud Wood Oil, Oud Oil, Oudh oil, or simply Oud, the oil is expertly distilled at the Grandawood-Agarwood Australia plantation site. Hard-working experts take great care to create a superior product from raw natural resources that they prepare to be slow-cooked using firewood. The steadfast distilling process results in high-quality oil. It satisfies and enhances your personal spiritual and health needs by providing extended-lasting benefits from only one tiny vial — 100 % pure Oud Oil.

This Oud is one of the best-selling Oud oils in our factory for Middle Eastern clients. Main note: spicy, leathery, dried black pepper and red wine, and honey-sweet at the end. Perfect for cosmetic production. 

Here are some photo behind the scene photos 

Prepare the material: white wood is scrapped from our harvested Aquilaria trees. Only decent resinous Agarwood will be used.

Slow "cook" with firewood

Oud supplying problems? We have got you covered.

  • Is this story similar to yours? You purchased Oud Oil before and formulated a well-blended formula for your perfume. Your fragrances were sold out to your success, and people wanted more.
  • You came back to your supplier and asked for the same Oud oil but were given something different from what you initially got.
  • Your Oud supplier told you that the Oud oil you wanted was no longer available. You got stuck because you spent hundreds of hours trialling and adjusting to get the formula right. And the supplier throws cold water on your creation.
  • You are not alone. We can step in from here and work with you.

We can help you solve this problem.

  • Our oud oil is distilled from a sustainable source — our 400-hectare forest, arguably the largest plantation in Vietnam. It means you will get consistent quality oud oil from a known source.
  • If you run a commercial cosmetic line with our plantation, we can provide all the necessary paperwork from our end to smoothen your import process.
  • We have 400 hectares of forest, with 400 K of infected Aquilaria trees. You can order on a large or small scale as we can cater for all.
  • Worry about the quality? We do have a small sample size for you to try.

How to use this oud essential oil

People in many cultures have used Oud's distinct and powerful scent in religious ceremonies for centuries to help promote focus and mental clarity. There are several ways to use Oud oil.

  • For safety, do a patch test by applying oud essential oil topically on the elbow. Stop using immediately if there is any adverse reaction or you develop skin sensitivity.
  • You can blend Oud oil with other essential oils and add a few drops of your blend to your aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse.
  • Dab a small amount of oud oil on your wrist, sleeves, or behind your earlobes.
  • Dab on a small cotton and put it on your desk; you will smell the oud aroma daily. You can add a bit more if you want a stronger smell.
  •  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid ingesting internally (not suitable for drinking)

Here are some feedback from Spain and many in the below testimonial.

Subject: Your agarwood oil is excellent!

"Hello, I'm Francisco; I bought some oudh oils from some vendors many years ago. Although I was not really impressed with their quality, I kept testing different oud oil available on the market. After I ordered from you, I have to say the quality of your Oud oil is fantastic... the Evergreen Superior is aging really great!

I love that minty-camphor-holy-awesomeness.

Thanks a lot for the Smooth Oud oil sample; I love it a lot.

I hope to be able to make a new order from you. I want to thank you for

offering this product sustainably... I'll recommend you to other people

that look for top-quality oud oils.



Subject: Great in a diffuser

I bought a small bottle of this pure Oud oil after chatting with Trent. Fortunately, I got a special collection from 2015, such a rare oil. YAY!

I added a few drops of Evergreen Oud oil to my diffuser and start to diffuse. After a few minutes, the aroma was excellent. This precious oil is very potent and long-lasting. It is great to improve meditation, and it helps me to relax.

I have also added this oud oil to my oil blends: rose and sandalwood essential oils.

I highly recommend this Oudh

Great to find the  good Oud seller in Australia

Karen,Mout Isa, QLD