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Return and Refund

Return and refund

If you are unhappy about a particular product, please email us at info@grandawood.com.au, we are endeavour to resolve it with you.


Our guarantee - Double your money back guarantee.

Quality guarantee

There is nothing wrong with the product itself.

If we said an Oud Oil is 100% pure, we guarantee that Oud oil is pure. You are welcome to bring our oil to any lab test to verify our claim.

If the Oud oil turns out to be fake, we will give you Double Money back. It means for every dollar you spent on the oil; we will refund $2 back. We will also refund the test fee for you.

We also guarantee the authenticity of our agarwood beads before sending them out to you.

What we cannot guarantee


Our main products are agarwood, and it is all about its aroma or how well you perceive its smell. In short, agarwood is about scent.


Put it this way, for the same scent; one person loves it while another person does not. The reason: it is a personal preference.

You see, many people love durian for its unique stinky good smell. To them, durian has a heaven smell.

At the same time, if many people have not tried durian before, and they hate the smell.

Same durian smell, one person says it is heaven, the other person says it is hell.

And it is the same with agarwood.  

Unfortunately, although we have many happy customers, we cannot guarantee if you will like the smell of our products.


However, if you do not like a particular product, let us know. Your satisfaction is important to us, so we would love to work with you to reach an agreement.



Agarwood beads. We are happy to provide extra pictures for the items on request. 

If the item is damaged or faulty, we will either issue a product refund or replace the item for you.

There is no refund if you change your mind.


Please note any orders in Australia, general rules from the ACCC applied



Agarwood chips and incenses: 

We guarantee our chips are indeed agarwood chips. However, we do not guarantee you will love the scent.

If you are not happy with these products, please do let us know.


Agarwood tea: Although there are multiple scientific types of research about its benefit, the result may vary as it is NOT possible to research on our individual, in any case, if you experience any side effect  or feel uncomfortable, please STOP usage immediately. 

You can return this to us in original package only: item must be unused for a full product refund (less postage).




Shipping/ postage

We use standard post (carried by Australian Post) and courier (usually Express Service Logistic provider).

Standard post costs less but it takes longer time (anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks or even longer in the pandemic COVID19). If you select this option, please be patient.

Courier post will take shorter time, usually within 5 business days up to 2 weeks but it will cost more. The cost is more compared to standard post.

If your order is confirmed lost by Australia Post or customer service from our Courier Post, we will issue you a replacement or a refund. 

If the item is still in transit, I would like to ask for your patience until it either reached you or deemed as lost.