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April 30, 2020 5 min read

These people may not like my answer. But it is for their benefit

Any many many phone calls which I could not recall.

Among them, I have one recently so I would like to share it with you


"I want your Oud but I want to buy seeds"

Last week, I received a call from Mr A (not his real name ) who was looking for a particular Oud.

He described it as a "bright, woody scent that brings happiness. It is  full of life full of living."

After finding out what he wanted, I suggested an oud that suited him" The Warming Sun".

"Wow, I like your suggestion, and I think I would like to have it."

"No worry, I am glad that you found what you want. You can select the size that you after from our website and go from there."

I did not expect his answer.

"Great, by the way, Trent, you said your family grow agarwood, right?"

"Yes" I answered

"Your family distilled the Warming Sun Oil from the Aquilaria trees which you grow right? Can I some seeds of those particular trees so that I can grow them?"

I was stunned for a moment. Mr A first asked for the oil, and now he wanted seeds?

"I am sorry what?" I asked.

"I want to get the seeds so that I can grow them."

"Ok Mr A,  before getting back to you on that. Can I ask if there is a concern with the oil?"


"Alright, so why would you want the seeds?"

 "As I said, I want to grow them so I can distil the oil. I want to save money."

"So, Mr A, you want the Oud oil, but you feel the cost is high. For that reason, you want to buy the seeds because it is cheaper? With the hope that you can get the oil without spending much?

"Uhm, is that possible for personal use?




"Mr A supposed I can get the seeds for you you are spending not only more money but also more time. Worst, you may get nothing out of it."


"Mr A, I want you to save money, and that is the exact reason I don't sell the seeds to you. Allow me to explain by asking some questions if that is alright with you?


"Mr A, are you cooking at home?"

"Yes, most of the time. I am a Chef. I bought the ingredients to cook at home. Sometimes, I ate at the workplace."

"Do you have chicken as one of your ingredients?"

"Yes, I do."

"And do you raise  the chicken yourself?"

"Of course not, why should I? Even an organic grown chicken it only cost $10 to get. To grow a chicken myself, it takes many months."

"Not to mention, it might get sick. It might die before growing up."

"Yea, the medicine cost might cost more $10. If I brought it to the vet, it would be a few hundred."

"What do you think of planting an Aquilaria tree?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Mr A, you may or may not be aware, but I will explain it anyway. It takes around ten years to grow the tree. And an additional of 2 years get agarwood from a tree. Let assume you have all the techniques, labours and equipment required, would you like to wait for 12 years just to smell this Oud?

"Uhm, I don't know."

I continued

"You are a Chef, and you like to cook. Maybe for you, maybe for others. Would you spend many months on raising a chicken for a meal?"

"No, I would not."

"Then why would you need to wait for a decade to "grow agarwood" to smell oud? Why don't you try it now instead of waiting?"



The conversation ends there, but I still have something further for you.


You see, you are buying not just the oud but the precious time and the expertise from the oud distiller. A "Done for you" option

To get 1 litre of Oud oil, it takes around 145kg of agarwood. To have 145 kg of agarwood, it takes 1000 kg of wood. To have 1000 kg of wood, we need to grow around 15 trees (this is just a close estimate because the actual number varies)

It is not one or two years.

And no, it is not ten years.

It is 12 years.


You might end up losing money if you bought seeds to plant trees.


First, these seeds can only live for 6 months.

Surely you can buy them online

But let me ask you

"How do you know if you could these seeds because they could be dead seeds (known as sterile seeds)?"

Not everyone is unscrupulous, and let's say this is the case. you received good seeds.




Supposed you successfully planted these Aquilaria trees at the back of house

Another question for you

  • How do you "make" agarwood out of these trees

Unless you are running a business of growing agarwood, it will be unlikely that you have access to these "agarwood creating" methods.

These methods are closely guarded.

But let say if you somehow managed to get agarwood from your tree.

  • How do you extract the agarwood out of the tree?

I ask because you will need a team:

  • To bring a 12-metre tree down.
  • To scrap the white wood out. 

And if you want to distil oil, you will need an apparatus.

You also need to know how to "cook" the oil.

  • You need to monitor your distilling process, which could be 24/7 for the next 3 or 4 days.
  • You need the experience to get it right. If you increased the temperature, you might burn the oil. If you set the temperature too low, your distillation will take forever. 

Why all this hassle when we can do this for you? 

Just like Mr A, If you want to smell genuine oud smell that is bright, full of life, and full of living, we will save you 12 years of "planting oud."  

You heard of Oud before and you don't know what it smells like. You have been curious because people talk about it.


You tried some oud before but unsure if it was a real deal. 

I got good news for you. You have just found it right here.

It takes a decade and several hundred hours from getting the material to distil it.

Want to try? Just click the below


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