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About Us

Constant improvement for 25 years (since 1996 )

Behind each Agarwood product of Grandawood, there is an experience of 25 years.

In 1996, our grandparents began planting the very first Aquilaria trees in Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc Vietnam. Fast forward today, along with our partners, we have nearly 1 million trees combined.

We have been applying new technologies to these plantations. Our method of creating Agarwood has changed, but our aim of producing quality Agarwood remain unaltered.

We worked with experienced horticulturists to ensure our Aquilaria trees are strong enough before transforming them into Agarwood.

Purity is non-negotiable. At Grandawood, all of our agarwood oil is "cooked" in a well-controlled environment. Then we filter and cure them. Only then, we age them for another month before releasing them in the market, just to ensure the woodiness they have to offer that many perfumers love.

Order some Agarwood in the market place; sometimes, you may get a fake one. But if you get Grandawood Agarwood, you know that you are in right hand.

You may hear it from our clients

"If it is Grandawood, it is good Agarwood".


About us? Let's re-write it because it should be "ABOUT YOU."

If good Oud (Agarwood) is what you are looking for, then we are on the same page.

  • You are passionate about Agarwood; hence you found us through the search engine? Isn't it why you are here to find out more about this precious tree?
  • You want genuine Agarwood, whether 100% pure Agarwood (Oud) oil, or Agarwood incenses, or Agarwood tea, or even Agarwood beads, we cater them all. In short, you have come to the online Agarwood Centre.

    Our agarwood plantation

    In a sub 328 Hamlet, Dong Tam Ward, Dong Phu District, Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam, you will discover a massive green forest (400 hectares) of these 250,000 evergreen trees. Here you found Kiet, his family, and the local workers who have been nurturing, planting, making Agarwood tea, incenses and oil for three generations

    Kiet and his family (ourselves included) have in-depth knowledge and a special connection with these trees.


    First online Agarwood store in Australia 2014.

    Grandawood was found in 2014 in Australia, selling only Agarwood tea (full leaves and bags) at the time. After receiving positive feedback from our customers about its benefit, we decided to introduce more of our Agarwood products into Australia.

    At Grandawood we are a team of agarwood growers and traders in Vietnam and Australia. Most of our cultivated products, including oils, incenses and hand-crafted beads, are made/ distilled in house. Because of that, our cultivated agarwood products are sustainable for future use. If you are looking for oud fragrance, you come to the right place. 

    1. Are you a cosmetics manufacturer looking for genuine, high-quality Oud to make your luxurious skincare product? 
    2. Are you looking for something smell genuinely unique? Our incense and oil collection would satisfy you with a single ingredient, resinous Aquilaria wood or Agarwood.
    3. Are you looking for something worth your hard-earned money, something which would not depreciate but the opposite? Agarwood oil scent profile improves with age. The longer you keep, the better it becomes (stored in dry, dark, cool, close contained place). 
    4. Are you looking for a meaningful religious gift? Our Agarwood mala beads which could be custom-made to meet your need. For example, 108 mala beads for chanting, meditation. Christian or Muslim? No worry, Aloe wood (Agarwood) have been used across all religions. A drop of oil in your prayer carpet would do wonder.
    5. Are you looking for a distinctive scent for your wedding or special occasion? Our Agarwood chip will 100% exceed your expectation which will make your memorable day last forever.
    6. Are you a religious organisation looking for fundraising through your gift shops? As you are aware, Agarwood (Oud) has been being used since the ancient time; it would be a unique offering to your customers.

    Our story

    Decades ago, wild Agarwood was quite abundant, and it was affordable for everyone literally. However, only wealthy people use and appreciate their royal scent.

    Agarwood incense was traditionally made with care, mainly hand-crafted with pure oud powder bound with white wood. These incenses are offered on special occasion only, for example, Buddhist lectures.

    With recent development in incense making, there are a lot of misleading on the product label, claimed to be "pure Agarwood incense", sold for $4 for ten sticks with a burn time of 10 minutes per stick. For your information, this $4 retail pack is even below our manufacture cost. To an extent, we bought several of these packs and needless to say, they are not up to the standard. 

    Meanwhile, wild Agarwood was over-harvested and hunters are putting their lives at risk. In an attempt to preserve wild Aquilaria species, some countries make it illegal to hunt while some will provide hunters certain annual quota

    Many triads were fighting for this hunting right, even mercilessly killed to steal this precious wood. In several countries, wild Agarwood hunters might be shot dead on the spot (click here)

    Seeing these hunting activities hurting nature, our family decided to invest in these trees, growing them from wild seed.


    From the above to mature tree, it takes ten years in circa before wounding the tree to create Agarwood.

    (In Vietnam, we are trading as Evergreen Forest)


    We have our plantation site, incense making and oil distillation facility.

    Finally, after decades of hard work, it is time to harvest our sustainable tree, supplying Oud chip, distilling our Oud oil for the market. Consumers have been asking us: Is your Oud oil pure? YES, how do we know? Because we grow, distil and manufacture it with pride

    There are many different scent profile from Oud. Depending on the species (Aquilaria Crassna, Malaccensis, ext), the oil where they grow, the parts of the tree (branches, roots, heartwood), distillation method, apparatus (steel, copper), each Oud is different. Especially with wild Oud, as each tree is unique, there is hardly the same fragrance from two separate batches. With cultivated Oud? Each plantation offers different oil, distillation method as well as the wounding technique (agarwood creation), are confidential, making OUD OIL different again. 

    The advantage of cultivated Oud is similar scent profile could be achieved in large quantity, making it suitable for commercial products.
    At Grandawood Agarwood, we offer you several different Oud Oil and will increase in variety continuously.

    Our Oud is a complete fragrance by itself because it contains multiple high volatiles compounds. Some people want to enjoy it singly while others would like to have it blended in different essential oil. We welcome you to our oud journey.