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"Why did you buy this?" Can't decide? Read on

 "Why did you buy this?"

Each purchase is individual from simply gifting, curiosity, testing out, sampling to a particular scent needs. Whatever oud (Oudh) related items you need, we strive to meet your requirements.

If you were interested in a perfume project, we could assist you with that. We have commissioned our perfume to a perfumer using our oud.

Why wait? It would be a privilege by having pure Oud oil in your product, your perfume, your very own creation, something you would have dreamed of, which can become a reality.

We want to get a better understanding of the reason behind of a customer purchasing an item from our store; so we asked for your opinion at the checkout phrase. Please feel free to fill them out too.  WE LOVE TO READ THEM AND WE ARE GRATEFUL for what you wrote to us.

Here are what our customers say:

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