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"We love everything about Oud but was fed up with the plain, counterfeit or adulterated oud in the perfume industry. So at Grandawood, we created our first online store in Australia in 2014 to offer a TRUE FRAGRANCE FROM THE WOOD OF GOD. Agarwood is all we do and we do it better" 

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  • a quote of 10 kg, 100 kg, 500 kg of woodchips or more
  • a quote of consistent high-quality similar of scent profile of 1 litre of oud oil or more
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We have been in business for the past three generations in Vietnam and are proudly the first online Agarwood store in Australia established in 2014. Our mission is to introduce quality Agarwood products to Australia: woodchip, oil, incense, and tea.


    Our Oud oil is pure and sustainable from cultivated agarwood as well as wild agarwood.

    Our main products currently are oud oil, tea, incenses and handicraft jewelry made of Agarwood. We welcome and do offer wholesale price for our product ranges. Please contact us for more details.

    With decades of experience in the industry, Evergreen Forest, with their dedicated and talented teams, has gained its high position in researching, developing and producing high-quality Agarwood products in Vietnam, their products are now exported to Japan, Hongkong, China, and the Middle East.. Having more than 400 acres land of Agarwood forest, Evergreen Forest guarantees  to provide stable products in terms of quality and quantity. 





    Grandawood Agarwood

    Email: info@grandawood.com.au

    please note: we DO NOT sell seeds or plants


    Our incenses and tea are selling at: 

    An Lac Vegetarian Shop

    Inala Civic Centre

    156 Inala Avenue, PO Box 252, Inala, QLD, 4077 

    We deliver worldwide