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Oud Oud Quick Guide

Quick Guide for Grandawood Oud Oil

You want to select the Oud aroma that you want

And understand the difference between these Oud oils 

But you do not know where to start or you have had "bad" experience before.

Therefore I sum up a short description of our most popular Oud oil for you to choose from.


There's something about the Agarwood scent that is just so... intriguing. It is woody, yet sweet; earthy, yet floral or even smell like "manure" sometimes. It is no wonder that Agarwood oil is often used in aromatherapy. In fact, many people find that Agarwood oil enhances their aromatherapy experiences. Not only does it have a pleasant scent, but it also has a number of therapeutic benefits. Agarwood oil is said to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, and it can also help to boost energy levels. If you're looking for an oil that will help you relax and rejuvenate, Agarwood is definitely worth trying.

There are different Agarwood species grown in different regions and distilled with different methods using different apparatus. And yes, the aroma of each oil will be different.

It is a challenge for you to choose. That is why I did a quick summary for you to look at.





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This is the guide for our sustainable Agarwood Oud oil collection



Evergreen: Botanical perfumers love this
Oud for its aroma complexity. It smells
spicy, peppery, camphoraceous and vegetal honey with an opening note of cheese and barnyard.

Super Smooth Floral Oud is
a symphony of sweet floral oud oil with
woody undertones playing in the background.
We age this Oud for further 12 months to enhance its woodiness.

Warming Sun is an Oud Oil that makes with intensive labour. We use the scorching hot iron spears to pierce through the trees. The result: Bright, Warm, Elegant Woodiness Oud oil.

Green Verdant is distilled from more
vigorous Aquilaria trees that grow in a controlled area. This Oud oil gives you instant Happiness with the aroma of nutty, woody, and hearty grass.

Misty Forest is a lady-favourite Oud oil. We use a pineapple mix paste to rub in the drilled holes of the trees that attract ants. The ants feed the fungi, and the fungi stimulate Agarwood to grow. The aroma is heavenly woody.

Zen Path is the sweetest woody Oud of our Oud oil. We use two different Agarwood to brew this Oud oil. It smells pleasantly sweet and woody. Have you not tried Oud before? This is the safest choice.

Middle Easterner is the Oud oil brewed explicitly for people who live in hot and dry weather. We fermented the material before distilling it into a well-balanced tangy, farm-like smell and dry down to woodiness.

Peated Oud smells like smoky whisky. It has a thick and tenacious body. The addictive aroma is intoxicatingly earthy, grounding, purposeful, sobering and wholesome. If you like the leather smell, this Oud is for you.

Floral Superior was brewed from Agarwood grown in hot and dry weather of a coastal province in Vietnam. It is one of the favourite Oud in the Middle Eastern region. The Arabians love this Oud for its pungent top notes floral nuances. The general experience initially feels like musky Ouddy with farm-like accords, but it dries down to dark floral notes.

Oud of Saint is distilled using local spring water in an electric-heated still. The mineral from the water and the slow cook with our Agarwood makes this Oud smells fresh earthy, and diffusive minty-vetiver. Oud of Saint is a clean, non-barnyard note. Want a smell that feels fresh, lively and energetic? This is your choice

Double Happiness is an Oud that smells like honey. The Co2 extract method makes this Oud contains almost double the woody scent molecules compare to others. If woody is the central accord you are after, this Oud oil
will double your expectations, hence Double Happiness. Once you dab it on your wrist, wait for 10 minutes and watch the magic happen. Some people can’t have it enough; they even get a stronger version of it: Triple Happiness.