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Why us?

Simple, it is all about you, because you want genuine Agarwood.

When we use the word "agarwood", it means agarwood (Aquilaria or Gyrinops species) which often were abusively used.  For example, aetoxylon (known as "buaya agarwood") is named as Agarwood by unscrupulous sellers, especially in beads making for a higher price. In some cases, it was even used as an ingredient in cosmetic but "labelled" as "Agarwood (oud) oil".

It is all about you, Agarwood (Oud) lovers, consumers who want quality products, especially beads, oils and incenses. Welcome to Agarwood (Oud) Centre:


Grandawood is an on-line agarwood store in Australia, found by Trent and Liliane whose family have been growing and trading agarwood for generations.

Known for its high price, agarwood has been being traded by many sellers with limited knowledge. The result? Consumers have been scammed with counterfeit items. It is difficult to find a reliable supplier who will give them what they order.

At Grandawood, we strike for genuine quality Agarwood (Oud), most of the time, customers are satisfied on their first order.

Here are the several reasons which make us different:

  1. We are not just sellers, but GROWERS (yes, we own 400 hectares of forest contain many wild Aquilaria trees) , distillers, incenses and beads makers.Think of us as a one-stop shop

We are not just sellers but growers,  we grow our Aquilaria trees

  1. Agarwood is what we do, and we do it better. We have been doing it for several generations, we have a team of growers (siblings family members), hunters who support and provide genuine quality agarwood.
  2. We have our own plantation site. We are the farmer who wound their trees to harvest agarwood for decades. For every tree cut down, we planned on average of 2 trees up for future sustainability. 
  3. If it is available on our online store, it is AVAILABLE and the stock is with us. Quite often, we ship within the same business day. Unlike many drop shippers who only buy when customers order, we deal with you directly. 
  4. Lab Tested: Our cultivated Oil and agarwood tea are tested in Vietnam and Australia.  Australia Test Result are here and here. For Vietnamese Test Result, please let us know.
  5. Genuine Testimonial from buyers and industrial professionals: customers would be emailed their feedback after purchases. whilst not everyone would provide, we thank you who did.
  6. For beads: This is one of our strength which differentiate us from others. Beads are made internally mostly on our plantation site. Liliane personally inspects individual agarwood beads to ensure their quality. In addition, we string our agarwood beads.
  7. For oil: We only distill and sell the decent quality of oil. Please see customers testimonials which are submitted by them via email or directly through the website after purchasing.
  8. For incenses and chips: produce with care at our plantation site
  9. Unlike any Multilevel Marketing Essential Oil company, we do not push sales or force you to buy our products by making false claims. We do not sign up anyone downline.
  10. We have stocks on hand. We control the quality directly. We take responsibility and do not blame others (except for postage which is really out of our control sometimes)
  11. Very responsive through our email, Facebook page or What'app, Viber or Wechat. 
  12. Finally, we have an easy order system with secure payment options of your choice. All your information will remain private and will never be disclosed to third parties.