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A strange way of growing Aquilaria trees that makes them stronger than the traditional way.

We "abuse" our trees to make our Agarwood better


Some agarwood are good; some are ok,  and many are below standard.


But one thing is sure, and nothing is surer.


But if it is Grandawood, it is good Agarwood.



Because we "mistreat" our trees. We don't give them plenty of food (fertiliser), and we let the insects harm them. The way we grow Aquilaria trees are different from others. We call it the "Hard Way".

If you keep reading, you may think we are "abusive" or "cruel" towards our trees.

But by the time you finish reading, you will discover why we do what we do and how it is so beneficial to you.


Let's start


Agarwood derived from Aquilaria trees, so let's start with them.


What do we feed our Aquilaria tree?

The answer may surprise you



That is right, nothing. 


We have an "Evergreen Forest" system that the trees can feed themselves.


There will be no added fertiliser. Absolutely NONE




You see, in the jungle, trees grow fine without a human involved.


And that is what we are trying to do.


We are trying to mimic the jungle environment so our Agarwood is as close as nature as they can possibly be.


When leaves are on trees, they provide oxygen and help trees grow by photosynthesis (converting energy from light to tree energy, so they survive and thrive), but when leaves are dead, new leaves will appear to replace the dead one.


And leaves are dead. They fall to the ground. These leaves are great compost, and they are better than chemical fertiliser. 

Dead leaves nourish plants, maintain moisture in the soil, attracts earth worms. So we do not need to add any extra fertiliser. 

Do we use pesticides to keep pests away from the Aquilaria trees?


Absolutely NOT


That is right, not only we don't kill them, but also we want them to stay on our trees.


We welcome ants, worms, boring insects.




Let me explain

To survive in the jungle or a harsh natural environment, one must be adaptive to survive.


In nature, the Aquilaria trees fight for their lives when attacked by insects. There are no pesticides to keep these bugs away.

Surely some trees may die, but if the trees survive, they will certainly have Agarwood. These Agarwood are formed without harmful chemical.

Tough love for the trees so they can produce safer Agarwood for you, as a consumer to use.

By contrast, some agarwood growers use pesticides to keep pest away. At first, it makes sense why they do that because they want the trees healthy.


But if you think about it, they are doing it wrong.


Why? Because when the trees are healthy, there will be no agarwood

So to make Agarwood, they use the harmful chemical to wound the trees.


And It works


But here is the issue


The chemical that they use becomes part of the Agarwood produce. What happened to you if you use the oil or burn the chips from these Agarwood? 


That is why many people chose wild Agarwood instead.


But wild Agarwood is depleting because hunters over-harvest them.

That is why we do what we do: grow sustainable Agarwood as close as nature for you to enjoy forever.


Proudly introduce our sustainable agarwood oil collection to you.

These oils are 100% pure Agarwood (Oud) oil distilled from agarwood plantations. Stable supplies with consistent scent profiles by high-quality control. 

You may be overwhelmed by our collection. So to keep things simple, especially if you have not tried Agarwood before, I recommend 

Feel free to ask questions, and Trent will be more than happy to help.