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100% Pure "White Oud" Oil ( Aetoxylon sympetalum)


The market called it  "White Oud", but some cosmetic producers labelled it "agarwood oil."

Please note: This oil, known as "White Oud" is not distilled from agarwood  ( infected Aquilaria tree) but Aetoxylon Sympetalum (the locals called it crocodile Buaya Agarwood, a native species in Indonesia). If you are a perfumer, then this White Oud may interest you.

Does it smell good?

Discover an enticing and captivating aroma that will pique your curiosity.

Though not quite agarwood, this mysterious fragrance offers a rich and intriguing woody essence that's bound to captivate your senses.

Envision yourself cozily nestled around a campfire, surrounded by smoky, peppery, and musty notes with subtle hints of leather and softwood.

But there's more to this alluring aroma than meets the nose. An unexpected twist of "burnt tire" adds a fascinating layer to the scent. Fear not, though - it's a gentle nuance, never overpowering, just enough to pique your interest.

What is more, this scent plays with your perception. Focus on a burning tire, and that is what you will sense. Shift your thoughts to a leather jacket, and suddenly, the leathery notes take centre stage.

This enticing and enigmatic white oud oil has captured the attention of cosmetic manufacturers worldwide, often finding its way into high-quality skincare products. But beware - some may mislabel this oil as agarwood. While the species differs from Aquilaria, the unique aroma certainly sets it apart.

Are you feeling curious?

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