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Indonesia Buaya Gemstone Bracelet beads size 11 mm

Decorative charms
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Type: Gaharu Buaya
  • Bead size: 11 mm, number beads 18-22 beads ( according to bracelet size) 
  • Color: nice deep dark brown to light brown with wood pattern, polished and have glossy finish
  • Characteristics: light floral aroma, sometimes with a slightly earthy note, safe to be used in water activities and will stay glossy. 

     * Bracelets are all unique due to natural wood patterns and color tone. Gaharu Buaya is not "real" Agarwood, it does not come from Aquilaria family, only species coming from Aquilaria considered Agarwood.

    • Charm: Lotus charm ( in silver or gold color)
    •  Gemstone ( you can choose gemstones that you like):

    Amethyst: is spiritual stone and great for meditation, balances emotion, dispels anger, fear and anxiety, promotes love and spiritual wisdom, relieves pain or stress.

    Aventurine (Red): is positive stone of prosperity, promotes compassion and empathy, brings understanding of under laying issues of the problems, enhance creativity, calms anger and irritation, promotes feeling of well-being

    Carnelian: is stabilizing stone with high energy, restore vitality and motivation for success in business, stimulates creativity, gives courage, removes extraneous thoughts in meditation and tunes daydreamers into everyday reality, calms anger and dispel negative emotion 

    Citrine: is a powerful cleanser, grounds negative energy, attracts wealth and prosperity,success, raise self-esteem and self- confidence, activates creativity, promotes enjoyment of new experiences and encourage exploring

    Chrysoprase: promotes hope and gives personal insight , stimulates acceptance of oneself and others, is useful for forgiveness and compassion, stimulates creativity

    Chrysocolla: is tranquil and sustaining stone, helps meditation and communication, draws off negative energies, invokes inner strength, benefits relationship, encourage self-awareness and inner balance

    Lapiz Lazuli: is a protective stone that contacts spirit guardians, harmonizes physics, emotion, reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness, enhances objectivity and clarity, bonds relationships in love and friendship

    Onyx: is strength giving, provides support, promotes vigor, stamina and steadfastness, heals old grief and sorrow

    Obsidian: is truth enhancing stone, provides protection, forms a shield against negativity, dissolves emotional blockages, bring depth and clarity to emotions

    Rose Quartz: is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, purifies and opens the heart, brings inner healing and self love, calms emotion, restore trust and harmony in existing relationship, attracts love

    Turquoise: is the most efficient healer, provides protection and used as amulet, enhances communication with physical and spiritual worlds, dispels negative energy, aids creativity expression and bring inner calm