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March 25, 2023 4 min read

In the lush heart of Kedah, Malaysia, a gifted distiller named Muhammad devoted his life to perfecting the art of creating Agarwood oil. Muhammad was known far and wide for his expertise in hydro distillation, a technique that allowed him to extract the purest and most fragrant essential oils from the revered Aquilaria trees.

Muhammad was particularly skilled in blending the unique scents of three distinct Aquilaria species: Subintegra, Crassna, and Malaccensis. He would carefully pulverize the wood from each tree, mix them together, and then use hydro distillation to create an enchanting Agarwood oil. This method involved boiling the wood in water, capturing the steam, and then condensing it to collect the precious oil. Muhammad's dedication to his craft meant that he only produced small batches, ensuring that each bottle was of the highest quality.

One day, a well-traveled client named Amelia arrived at Muhammad's humble workshop, having heard tales of his legendary Agarwood oil. Muhammad warmly welcomed her, inviting her to witness the intricate process of hydro distillation firsthand. As the workshop filled with the aroma of boiling Aquilaria wood, Amelia watched in awe as Muhammad masterfully extracted the precious oil.

Once the process was complete, Muhammad's presented a small vial of the freshly distilled oil to Amelia, inviting her to try it. With a sense of anticipation, Amelia gently dabbed the oil on her wrists and inhaled deeply. As the captivating fragrance of the Agarwood oil enveloped her, Amelia felt a wave of happiness and delight wash over her. The fresh, berry-like woodiness of Subintegra danced around her, followed by the honey-sweet woody notes of Malaccensis. Finally, the spicy, peppery, and dried woody aroma of Crassna emerged, creating a symphony of scents that left her spellbound.

Amelia marveled at the exquisite blend, impressed by the seamless harmony of the three distinct fragrances. The feeling of joy and tranquility that the oil evoked was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Amelia thanked Muhammad for sharing his incredible creation with her.

As Amelia prepared to leave, she couldn't help but express her desire for the world to know about Muhammad's extraordinary talent and his enchanting Agarwood oil. Muhammad , however, remained humble and explained that the rarity of his creation was part of its charm. He believed in preserving the art of small-batch distillation, ensuring that each vial of his Agarwood oil was crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

With a newfound appreciation for the art of essential oil distillation, Amelia bid Muhammad farewell, vowing to treasure the magical Agarwood.

Muhammad shares this story with me, and I have sourced this aromatic oud oil from him.

Discover a Symphony of Scents: Experience the Magic of Triwood's Pure Agarwood Oil

Prepare to embark on an olfactory journey like no other, as Triwood's pure Agarwood oil weaves a tapestry of enchanting aromas that will captivate your senses and elevate your mood. With every drop, indulge in the allure of nature's most treasured scents, meticulously crafted to deliver a truly unparalleled sensory experience.

Uncompromising Quality: Our unique distillation process takes a mere 8 hours, ensuring that the Agarwood oil's delightful aroma remains untainted by the harsh, barnyard-like scent that plagues other oud oils. Instead, you'll be greeted with an instantly gratifying fragrance that is as refreshing as it is invigorating. Allow the radiant, sweet notes to whisk you away to a realm of opulence, evolving into a sumptuous, woody aroma within minutes. The lingering scent will envelop you in luxury for hours on end.

Artisanal Excellence: Triwood's Agarwood oil is a masterpiece in its own right, meticulously distilled in small batches by a dedicated grower in the remote region of Kedah, Malaysia. Harnessing the unique qualities of three distinct Aquilaria species - Aquilaria Subintegra, Crassna, and Malaccensis - our grower carefully pulverizes and blends these remarkable trees to create an exquisite oud oil that showcases the finest aspects of each species. This is the "secret" of this oil, distilled from not one but three different Aquilaria species.

A Harmonious Blend: This meticulously crafted oud oil offers a symphony of scents, as each Aquilaria species contributes its own distinct charm to the final product. Revel in the fresh, berry-like woodiness of Subintegra; delight in the honey-sweet woodiness of Malaccensis; and lose yourself in the spicy, peppery, dried woodiness of Crassna. Each note harmoniously intertwines to create an Agarwood oil that is as complex as it is captivating, leaving you with a sensory experience that is truly unmatched.

Small-Batch Luxury: At Triwood, we take pride in the exclusivity of our Agarwood oil. Our dedicated grower and artisan distiller in Kedah, Malaysia, ensures that each batch is produced with the utmost care and precision, never compromising on quality. The result is a limited supply of this enchanting elixir, making every drop a cherished luxury for those fortunate enough to experience it.

Elevate Your Senses: The magic of Triwood's pure Agarwood oil lies in its ability to evoke a sense of serenity, joy, and wonder. Whether you choose to use it as a personal fragrance, in aromatherapy, or to enhance your meditation practice, Triwood's Agarwood oil promises to elevate your senses and transport you to a world of olfactory delight.

 Learn more about the oil here

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