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March 08, 2023 8 min read

For all the incense lovers out there who have tried agarwood chips or oudh chips, you probably already know that there are many different ways to enjoy this resin. After several trials and errors,

I have compiled a quick guide to get the most out of your agarwood chip / oudh chip burning experience.


What is agarwood chip / oudh chip?

If you are new to Agarwood, here is a quick definition.

Agarwood chips, also known as oudh chips, are the tree resin of the Aquilaria trees. This resin forms to heal the wounded parts of the trees.

When the Aquilaria trees are cut down to harvest agarwood, there are a lot of white wood components. These white wood are healthy parts of the tree, and there is no aroma.


White healthy Aquilaria tree
Source: self-taken
Infected Aquilaria wood: The brown colour is the resin known as Agarwood


Therefore, Agarwood growers will process it again and use specialized tools to remove the white wood part that no longer has a value from the harvested agarwood tree in order to make the agarwood better. It needs to be scraped again, and at this point, a sharp specialized small iron hook should be used to completely remove the excess white wood layer close to the oil layer.

 Source: self-taken

 Agarwood chips are pieces of the Agarwood tree infected with a naturally occurring fungus and coveted for their rich aromatic oils. The chips are highly fragrant and have a sweet, woody scent. Agarwood chips can be used directly in incense, candles and perfumes to enhance their aroma. Agarwood chips vary in color from light golden yellow to deep dark brown depending on the oil content, texture and age of the chip. Agarwood is much sought after due to its exquisite fragrance, making Agarwood chips a favourite among connoisseurs of incense and perfume alike.

How to use agarwood chip / oudh chip?

People use pulversie Agarwood to make incense, and distill Oud oil.

If you are an incense maker, you can add our premium Agarwood chip powder into your incense and see what differences it makes your incense smell.

The most popular use is to burn the chips using charcoal burners or electric incense heaters. This provides an aromatic and fragrant smoke that lingers in the air for a longer period of time.

A charcoal burner is more likely to reach hotter temperatures than an electric incense heater; however, many people prefer to use electric incense heaters because they are easier and safer to use. The charcoal burner option also gives off a mild smoky aroma from burned wood which could be unpleasant for some users. With any method you choose, agarwood chip will provide your space with a unique fragrance that lasts much longer than incense sticks or cones.

 The below video will show you how to heat wood chips with charcoal


Source ShiniseMallChannel Youtube

How to heat Agarwood chips with an electric incense heater

Heating agarwood chips with an electric incense heater is a convenient and safe way to release their fragrance. Here's how to do it:

  1. Get an electric incense heater and plug in. Make sure the voltage of your incense heater matches the power source you are using. This is important because if the voltage of your incense heater is not compatible with the power source, it could damage the incense heater, and the power source or even create a safety hazard. Note that some incense heaters in Japan are designed to work with a voltage of only 110V. However, in other countries, the standard power source may be 220V. It is crucial to be aware of this difference in voltage and avoid plugging a Japanese incense heater designed for 110V into a 220V socket. If you increase the voltage, the current will also go up. Parts of the appliance that can usually hold a certain amount of current now have to handle double that amount. They will use four times as much power and could get very hot or even start a fire. So, always ensure that the voltage of the power source matches the requirements of your incense heater to avoid any damage.
  2. Place the provided metal disc on top of the heating area. If your incense heather has no metal disc, put a small piece of aluminium foil on the heating area to protect it from the melting resin. If you do not have aluminium oil, you can also use a mica plate to place on top of the heating area. The purpose is to reduce the temperature when it is too high.
  3. Place 1 piece of agarwood chips on top of the foil, and wait for a few seconds until the chip is hot enough to release its fragrance.
  4. Adjust the number of agarwood chips based on your preference - more chips will create a stronger fragrance, while fewer chips will produce a milder scent.
  5. Once the fragrance starts to fade, you can add more agarwood chips to the incense heater.
  6. If you detect burn notes, please remove the burnt chips from the incense heater.


Remember to use caution when handling the electric incense heater, and use it in a well-ventilated area to avoid over-inhalation of smoke. Also, follow the instructions for your specific electric incense heater to ensure safe use.


Advantages of an electric incense burner:

  1. Convenient: They are easy to use and require no special training. You simply plug in the burner, add your incense or chip, and turn it on. 

  2. Efficient: They can burn incense for longer periods of time without the need to constantly monitor the flame 

  3. Control: You have better control over the intensity of the scent, and can adjust the heat and time settings to your liking.

 Disadvantage of an electric incense burner:

  1. Higher cost: generally cost more than charcoal burner
  2. Feeling: The feeling of using charcoal burner could make some people feel close to nature and somewhat more spiritual. 

    In addition, the act of lighting and tending to the charcoal can be a meditative and intentional process, further enhancing the spiritual experience for some people.

    Similarly, many people enjoy cooking with firewood while camping or in outdoor settings, as it provides a sense of connection to nature and a rustic, back-to-basics feeling. The process of gathering firewood, building a fire, and cooking over an open flame can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. Using electric burner does not give people this feeling.

  3. Electrical issues: As with any electrical device, there is a potential for electrical issues such as short circuits, overheating, or damage to the device or the surrounding area.

How to heat Agarwood chips with a battery-operated incense heater - Kodutu

Best for solo experience


  1. Open the bottom cover and insert four "AA" batteries (not included).

  2. Remove the upper lid from the device and install the mica plate below the stoppers on the coil heating element.

  3. Place the fragrant wood on the centre of the mica plate. The recommended size of the aromatic wood is 5mm or smaller to optimize your experience.

  4. To turn the unit on, switch it to the "ON" position. The red wire will glow, and the power indicator will light up. Use the dial to adjust the temperature. Yellow means low (around 250 degrees Celsius), orange means middle (around 280 degrees Celsius), and red means high (around 300 degrees Celsius).Note: When the batteries are used several times, the temperature will drop significantly. If you notice there is no aroma from heating the chips, it is time to replace the batteries. To save money, you can use re-chargable batteries.
    Push the switch up, the red light is on. The unit is now heating

  5. When finished using the unit, shut it off by returning the "ON" switch to the original "DOWN" position." Also note that the heater automatically turns off in approximately 3 minutes, even though the "ON" switch remains in the "ON" position. If you want to turn the unit back on after an automatic "OFF", you need to bring the switch down to "OFF" and then bring it back up to "ON".

With these simple steps, you can use your Kodutu incense heater to enjoy the aroma of fragrant wood in the comfort of your own home.

This unit will save a lot of your precious Agarwood as you only need tiny bit  (0.5cm -1cm of fragrant wood) to enjoy


How to heat Agarwood chips with a charcoal burner

Heating agarwood chips with a charcoal burner is a common way to release its fragrance. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Fill the incense burner (burning bowl) with white ash: The first step is to fill the incense-burning bowl or any other suitable heat-isolated bowl with ash. The ash provides a stable and heat-resistant base for the charcoal and prevents the vessel from becoming too hot to handle.
  2. Light the charcoal and bring it to a glow: The second step is to light the charcoal using a lighter or matchstick until it starts to spark and emit a red glow. It is important to allow the charcoal to reach a stable and consistent temperature before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Carefully put charcoal in the centre of the incense burner and push it down gently to ensure that it is stable and secure.
  4. Burry the charcoal with ash. The porosity of ash also helps it to regulate temperature and oxygen flow. This helps to regulate the temperature and oxygen flow around the charcoal and ensures the charcoal burns properly.
  5. Form a cone shape from the ash and clean the edges of the incense-burning bowl with a feather.
  6. Make an air channel in the centre with a metal stick: The sixth step is to create a small hole or air channel in the centre of the cone using a metal stick or toothpick. This allows air to flow through the centre of the cone and provides sufficient oxygen for the charcoal to burn.
  7. Place a mica plate on top of the ash cone: The seventh step is to place a mica plate on top of the ash cone. The mica plate is a heat-resistant surface that protects the surface below the vessel from heat and helps distribute the heat evenly.
  8. Wait for the aroma and enjoy. Place the aromatic wood on top of the mica plate: The final step is to place a small piece of aromatic wood, resin or incense on top of the mica plate. As the wood or resin starts to burn, it releases fragrant smoke that fills the surrounding space and creates a pleasant aroma. The user can sit back, relax and enjoy the scent.
  9. Once the fragrance starts to fade, remove the burned chips and add more new agarwood chips. Sometimes, it could be your charcoal is burning off, so replace charcoal.


Remember to use caution when handling hot charcoal and agarwood chips, and make sure to burn them in a well-ventilated area to avoid smoke inhalation.



How to store agarwood chip / oudh chips?


Keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight as humidity can cause mould growth, giving it an unpleasant mouldy odour when burnt.

You can store them in air-tight glass jars or plastic container.

Here is the good news: the longer you store, the better aroma it becomes when you burn.




Agarwood or oudh chips can make you feel good with their warm woody aroma. The scene improves people's moods who burn them. Whether to boost your emotional well-being, purify the air in your living space, or add some pleasant aromatherapy to your life, agarwood chips are a great choice! You will surely find what you need with options ranging from premium natural agarwood chips to cultivated Agarwood chips. You can enjoy them with charcoal, electric or even battery-operated incense burners.




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