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Small talk: Agarwood beads and gemstones, the benefits with style

Customised Healing Bracelets: Combining Spiritual Protection and Personal Style

For centuries, people have worn agarwood amulets to protect against evil spirits and promote positive energy. Similar practices include giving infants wild mulberry wood bracelets for protection and fostering calmness. Agarwood, combined with crystal and semi-precious gemstones, can enhance healing properties and benefits for wearers.


Meet Dahlia, a busy professional who felt overwhelmed by work and daily life. She struggled to find moments of peace and wanted something to help her reconnect with her inner self. Dahlia's challenge was to find a solution that would not only alleviate her stress but also suit her personal style and affinity for the Water Element.

Dahlia felt the weight of stress and negative energy, making it difficult for her to focus and maintain healthy relationships. She needed a way to balance her emotions, enhance her calmness, and improve her concentration during meditation.

Dahlia's mounting stress took a toll on her well-being and threatened to spiral out of control. Her emotional sensitivity increased, affecting her personal and professional relationships. She sought a solution that would complement her love for the Water Element and cater to her unique concerns.

After discussing Dahlia's needs, we recommended a combination of Aquamarine, Amethyst, Red Jasper, Chrysocolla, Onyx, and Turquoise gemstones for her custom bracelet. Each stone brought specific benefits:

  • Red Jasper: nurturing, brings tranquility during stress, grounds energy, and provides protection
  • Chrysocolla and Turquoise: communication stones that improve relationships and personal interactions
  • Chrysocolla: encourages self-awareness and inner balance during meditation
  • Turquoise: stabilizes mood swings, dispels negative energy, and promotes well-being
  • Onyx: supports individuals in difficult situations and heals old grief






The harmonious bracelet we created balances emotions, enhances calmness, promotes concentration during meditation, and fosters tranquility. A Lotus sterling silver charm symbolizing purity and divinity completed the design.

Both the client and our team were thrilled with the result. Customizing bracelets allows us to work closely with clients, addressing their unique concerns and preferences, and crafting accessories tailored to their personalities and styles.

Both of us were delighted with the result, and the bracelet suited her well. We appreciate all customised bracelets/ mala orders as we can work together with our clients. We understand their concerns and needs to create the beads they love and especially made for them, tailored to their styles and personalities.

Dahlia's journey from stress to serenity was a success. The custom bracelet addressed her unique concerns and preferences while reflecting her personal style. She now has a tool to help her navigate life's challenges with grace and inner peace.



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