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Grandawood Agarwood Oud Perfume: OUD SPIRIT- GLORY OF THE PAIN- perfume


Unveil the Enigmatic Allure: Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain

Embark on an olfactory journey like no other with Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain Eau de Parfum, an opulent symphony of captivating scents that merge the boundaries of tradition and innovation.

Experience the essence of luxury with the genuine Agarwood Oudh from our plantation, masterfully interwoven with the zest of citrus mandarin and the ethereal charm of lemon blossom. Western Australian Sandalwood adds a touch of earthy sophistication, crafting a truly one-of-a-kind fragrance that defies all expectations.

As Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain graces your skin, prepare to be dazzled by an explosion of authentic Oud in its full splendour, swiftly evolving as a bouquet of enchanting notes unveils itself. Succumb to the allure of lemon blossom as it intertwines with the enticing warmth of vanilla and the seductive embrace of leather. Delight in the whisper of herbal nuances reminiscent of sage, and the enigmatic presence of frankincense, mingling harmoniously with the fragrance's core elements.

The ever-changing composition of Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain keeps you enthralled as if unravelling a divine secret with each inhale. The expertise of the perfumer shines through, manifesting in a scent that continuously evolves, revealing new facets with every encounter.

Sophisticated, alluring, and full of character, Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain captivates oud aficionados and fragrance enthusiasts alike. Its exceptional projection and longevity make it the perfect companion for any occasion or season, enveloping you in a warm, fresh, and clean embrace that lingers like an unforgettable memory.

Dare to transcend the ordinary – indulge in the exquisite enigma of Oud Spirit Glory of the Pain.

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Warning: Long read !

The Story

Smell this "scent of stress", and you feel good.

"This perfume contains a strange ingredient that may evoke your memory and motivate you to keep going when life is tough..."

What if I told you that there are fungi in this perfume? Some of you might say.



I know what you are thinking. Usually, when you hear the word "fungi", you imagine mould or expired ingredients, but I assure you there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it requires fungi to make the main ingredient of this perfume.


These fungi attack an evergreen tree, and something phenomenon happens.

The evergreen trees are called Aquilaria Crassna, which are available in the wild or on plantations. All the Aquilaria species are endangered in the wild, so we grow them for sustainable use.


What is so special about it?


This particular Aquilaria Crassna tree is worthless when it is HEALTHY.  Yes, you read it right. Farmers do not want it healthy but damaged.

Why? It does not provide economic value; this tree is very soft, which is classified as non-timber wood. You can't build houses with it; you can't use it for furniture or part of any structure at all.


When it is healthy, there will be no real use at all. The only thing it could do is produce oxygen like other trees.


Or, If you chopped it down, you could use it as "firewood".

Let's put this single benefit aside, which most trees have that is producing oxygen; what else does it have to offer?


Again, nothing else when it is healthy.


You see most of the time, farmers and growers would prefer their products to be as healthy as possible, so when it comes time to harvest. They get the most out of it. Better return on investment, happier customers, and more money in the bank.

Who would want their crop sick, right? It makes no sense at all.


But what if I told you there are farmers who are damaging these evergreen trees for better produce? Would you be interested in learning more?

These trees will be NAILED, DRILLED, "PARTIALLY AXED", and even infested with ants.



OH MY GOD, why? Why do the farmers want to do that? Do they want to kill these trees? 


No, they only want to attack the trees.


Why? Because a strange thing happens? These attacks trigger the tree's defence mechanism known as:


"The Wood of God"

Here is the secret: When this Aquilaria tree attacked, something strange happened around the wound.

Source: Mohamed (2016) Agarwood, Science Behind the Fragrance

The defence mechanism of the tree is activated; it starts to protect the tree against these invaders (fungus, boring insects); it starts to heal the wound. 

It works like the human immune system, attacking the pathogen to keep our body healthy.

This defence mechanism is known as the Wood Of God - Agarwood- or Oud.

If you heat a small piece of Wood Of God, you will understand why. It is difficult to put into words. In short, the scent is sensational.

And because this Wood Of God is created when the tree is under attack and pressured.  Some people referred to this scent as the "scent of stress."

This wood was mentioned in the Bible, the Buddist Scripture, and the Quran. It takes 12 years, on average to create this Wood Of God through the wounding and healing process.

In nature, it takes decades to form. Isn't this amazing? The tree survives through hardship and evolves into something precious.

Are we humans NOT the same?

Just like these trees, we face set-back every day. But if we fight through it, we will overcome it. It is just a matter of time before we will shine again. The best part is: we become stronger.


It reinforces a saying: "It does not get easier; you just get better".


You see, in the past, only the royal and the noble family could access this material until now. We make this ingredient available to you.


You may have heard of it or seen it in many commercial or niche perfume. But have you wondered what it smells like?

People talk about it, you have heard it enough. It is one of the most expensive and exclusive perfume ingredients. Here is the challenge; no one knows if there is any actual oud inside.

  • The label may or may not mention it.
  • The sale consultant does not know it.
  • The store manager does not know it.
  • The company's customer service will not be able to tell you immediately. It will take weeks before they get back to you.
  • Even many experts cannot tell because not many people try this in its purest form.

But you, you will be one of a few people who have a chance to smell Oud for the first time. 

For any 30ml perfume, you will receive not only a bottle of the Oud Spirit perfume but also the pure oud oil itself because we will provide it to you separately. You would be proud to tell your friend, the sale consultant, the store manager, as well as many other "experts" that you have tried Oud.

In short, for the 30ml option, you will get

  1. 30ml perfume of your choice, either Alcohol or Alcohol-free (oil-based, for International orders, outside of Australia)  AND
  2. 0.5ml 100% pure oud oil of either
    • Evergreen Superior OR
    • Smooth Oud Thai

You will appreciate how Oud blends beautifully in a perfume. More importantly, you will learn how oud smells. Alone, in its purest form, which many people have not even had a chance to try it.

How is this perfume different from others?

Some of you may think, "why don't I just go to the local pharmacy or chemist to try other Oud perfumes?"

If you want to smell "lab-made" oud perfume, surely you can do that.

Their bottles are eye-catching. They look great, yet the price is usually around $50.

These bottles are trademarked too. So the cost to make the container alone may exceed $8. And that is just the bottle alone.

Because they are mainstream, you can find them anywhere. Their target is everyone. The price needs to be acceptable to the majority of people.

Unfortunately, with that price, it is incredibly challenging to include genuine Oud.

We are the Oud growers. So we can tell you that.

You can try to ask the salesperson about Oud. I bet not many of them can tell you.

You are better than them right now, as you learn about it from this page. You can tell about Oud more than they can.

So in short, Glory of the Pain includes genuine agarwood. Other commercial ones may not.

And you can try this pure oud oil alone. 

Simply select the 30ml option and choose the oil you like.

Evergreen Oud oil: for leathery, peppery, spicy and ouddy

Smooth Oud Thai for sweet floral woody

The Concept:

Such an unusual ingredient not many people have the privileges to access it because it only grows in some particular countries (mainly in South East Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, China and India). Some may not even know this tree exists, but not you because you have been reading so far. You are very fortunate.

So we want to make something smell good with this fantastic Wood Of God. We want to create a perfume that is inspirational and meaningful, so every time someone sprays it, it encourages them with positivity, it energises and motivates them.

The meaning:

One of the key ingredients in this perfume is our very own oud oil from our plantation. For those who is not familiar with Oud, it has a special meaning.

Agarwood is known as the Wood Of God. In some languages, it is also known as Diamond Wood.

People may not know agarwood, but most likely, they know diamond, one of the most valuable gemstones. Through high heat high pressure, pure carbon formed the diamond. Agarwood has a similar metaphor; through stress, pressure and wound, agarwood will be formed. 

In a healthy Aquilaria tree, there is no agarwood which ONLY forms around the infected wound. The tree survives with the legendary agarwood created with it.


Isn't it the same with life? No pain, no gain. If it is hard, it is difficult; it will be worth pursuing, to overcome.

By incorporating this meaningful message, we want to transfer this inspirational nature phenomenon into a perfume bottle. So every time you spray, it reminds you that you are tough, you will beat the challenges. It is your character.

The Perfume

Strength: Eau de parfum

Main note: citrus mandarin, lemon blossom, a hint of Sandalwood (Western Australia) and genuine Oud from our plantation (Agarwood Oudh)

This fragrance

  • contains Natural Essential Oils and Synthetics


  • is formulated within the guidelines of IFRA. http://www.ifraorg.org


  • Includes pure agarwood (Oud) oil from our sustainable agarwood plantation


  • SPECIAL 30ML OPTION: A FREE 0.5 ML OF OUR CULTIVATED OUD (OUDH) OF YOUR CHOICE: EVERGREEN OR SMOOTH OUD THAI which you can use separately or blend into the bottle for extra Oud (Oudh) Strength



"My newest acquisition with many thanks to @roblovesperfume for bringing this to my attention.

The skilled craft of master perfumer Jonathon Midgley is brought to light in collaboration with @grandawood using their very own natural Evergreen Oud oil.

A gorgeously smoky, leathery, green, citrusy oud that bucks all the trends in both contemporary and traditional oud compositions. A really beautiful


Australian firm @grandawood are Queensland-based producers, importers and distillers of Oud.

In 2017 they partnered with the late Jonathon Midgley of Damask Perfumery. He used their "Oud Evergreen" oil and enhanced it with other notes to create an alcohol-based spray perfume: Oud Spirit.

The Oud Evergreen Jonathon used is a fresh, tangy, green and slightly leathery oud which has been enhanced, rather than obscured.

As the product hits the skin, it packs a powerful punch and is unmistakably based on real Oud in all its shocking glory. Only a matter of seconds later, the fragrance changes as other notes emerge.

My first thought is the lemon blossom, sending shoots of sweet citrus nectar into the composition. Next, vanilla and leather arrive. The sultry powderiness of leather tempers sweetness increases, but. I'm told by the brand that this leather effect is coming from the Oud itself, and in fact, this makes sense.

Further, into the wearing, I sense another sweet note, perhaps slightly medicinal. It could be benzoin. There is something herbal like sage. I don't know if it is sage or just the herbal qualities of the Oud, but it's good.

Now I can detect a frankincense note, dry and crisp, blending with the lemon blossom, vanilla, Oud and leather. The composition seems to change continuously. I even occasionally get an effect like lemon meringue pie on a crunchy biscuit base - but the Oud is still there.

Something has changed every time I smell it, and a new aspect emerges in the composition. This is definitely a good sign, reflecting the quality of the perfumer's work.

This is a great composition that will please oud lovers everywhere. It's elegant and restrained but also full of character. It also really projects and seems to last for hours on the skin. I can imagine wearing this in any weather as it's warm, fresh and clean all at the same time.

I wish Grandawood all the best with this product as I believe it's going to stir up a lot of interest both domestically and overseas.

A tribute to the perfumer, the creator: Jonathon Midgley

Creating an agarwood perfume is a challenging task because of its compound complexity. Without skill, this precious oil will be wasted away.


We discovered Jonathon through an article from a local paper: The Courier mail knowing he has worked with Agarwood (Oud) before


"5. Thoth - a male perfume created by Midgley. "Pronounced Toth, it's named after the Egyptian god with the ibis beak. There's a really rare aromatic oil in it called Oud - which is probably my favourite perfume raw material that's natural (and costs $46,000 per kilo)."


You might already know, Thoth was Jonathon's nickname too, the owner of Damask Perfumery


We were both excited about developing a new genuine Oud fine fragrance.

Jonathon Midgley and compound manager Gabrielle Ivers (Source: ABC)



Johnathon Midgley appeared on ABC RHI.


Alcohol and  Alcohol-based are available for orders within Australia.

International customer: Please choose Alcohol-FREE OPTION as alcohol-based one is available within Australia only 

1ml sample is now available.