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Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Bracelet Genuine Quality



A unique and timeless accessory that exudes natural beauty and elegance

These bold and striking resin pattern bracelets have 15 Agarwood beads of varying sizes, ranging from 14-15mm each.

Beautifully crafted from premium wild-infected Aquilaria tree, our Wild Agarwood bracelets have a subtle aroma, with notes of spice, wood, and grass blending together.

Naturally infected and left to grow on their own, these Agarwood trees thrive in their pristine natural habitat. Then when we cut a tree down to make a bracelet, we select the good infection part. The result is truly a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece with a unique classic Agarwood pattern. 

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p/s: when we cut a 1 Aquilaria tree down, we grow another 2 Aquilaria trees to ensure future sustainable harvest.