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*LIMITED STOCK * Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Oud Oil Binh Phuoc Forest The Honey Dried Herbs

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The Wild Agarwood oil has been aged for more than 10 years and developed complex herbaceous aromas.

Remember times when you visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, maybe with your parents or by yourself? Remember the herbaceous dried herbs smell inside the clinic?

Indulge in the captivating allure of our exotic fragrance, masterfully crafted for the true scent connoisseur.

Introducing a mesmerizing potion infused with the rare and precious notes of Evergreen Superior and Herbal Spices Agarwood oil, meticulously refined to deliver a smoother, more enchanting experience.

Surrender to the enchantment of powdery, opulent woods interlaced with the irresistible sweetness of honey as this sumptuous elixir envelops you in its rich, luxurious embrace. Extracted from the finest agarwood materials, hand-selected during the high-end beads-making process and premium agarwood chips, our captivating creation ensures unparalleled quality and intensity.

This bewitching blend of woody, herbaceous, and honeyed notes is the perfect evening companion, designed to linger on your skin and captivate the senses long into the night.

Unleash the full potential of this intoxicating Wild Oud oil by dabbing a small amount on a piece of cotton and placing it:

  • On your desk: Immerse yourself in the aura of this beguiling scent as it effortlessly permeates your surroundings.
  • Inside your drawer: Be delighted by the enduring intensity each time you open your drawer, as this enthralling essence persists for weeks.
  • Behind your ear: Succumb to the spellbinding addiction of our bewitching scent as you catch enticing whiffs with every turn of your head.

Experience the unparalleled mystique of this extraordinary Wild Oud oil, and seize this rare opportunity to possess a treasure of the fragrance world.