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The One- Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Bracelet

Got a small wrist? Looking for genuine quality but you don't know where to start?

Material from our own forest in Binh Phuoc, which we have many wild Aquilaria trees, this one you can be sure about its quality as you are getting it directly from the source.

This quality if bought from a hunter, the price will not be this good but at least 2 times more. We want to pass on the saving to you directly, NO MIDDLE MAN involved.

Are you the one who is looking for the below criteria:

  • "darker beads"
  • "under $1000"
  • "genuine quality"
  • "Wild Vietnamese bracelet"
  • Better than entry-level bracelet but good price

If "yes" are the answer to all, what are you waiting for?

Product features:

  • 14 beads
  • 16g
  • Dimension 15.5mm
  • Wild Vietnamese agarwood in our own forest (which has both cultivated and wild)
  • Medicinal, spicy herbs smell