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*New* The Sacred Forest Island 100% Pure Wild Oud Oil , distilled from Aquilaria Sinensis

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I often heard, "Give me something that smells like flower, wood and herbaceous". Usually, an agarwood essential oil meets two requirements but not all three. It means

  • Oud that smells floral and woody or
  • Oud that smells like woody and herbaceous' or 
  • Oud that smells like herbaceous and floral

But, finally, I found the one containing 3, which is quite interesting to smell. Would you like to know more?

Introducing the Sacred Island

A captivating 100% pure wild Oud oil aroma that incredibly contains the ethereal essence of flowers, the grounding strength of wood, and the revitalizing aura of herbaceous plants. This rare and enchanting elixir unlocks a journey through the senses, evoking a symphony of emotions with every whiff.

Upon first encountering first dab of this Oud oil, you are greeted by a delicate bouquet of blossoming flowers, their petals unfurling to reveal a kaleidoscope of colours and scents. As you inhale, the aroma conjures up images of sunlit gardens, letting your imagination go wild.

Then, the aroma subtly shifts, unveiling the powerful backbone of warm, rich wood. Like a comforting embrace, the scent of ancient forests wraps around you, grounding your soul and inviting you to find solace in its strong, steadfast presence. A sense of belonging and connection washes over you as if you have returned home after a long journey.

But the experience doesn't end there. As the scent deepens, it reveals its final layer: an invigorating herbaceous essence. The aroma of fresh herbs transports you to the rugged hillsides of the Mediterranean, where vibrant green leaves rustle underfoot, and your spirit feels reawakened. This revitalizing quality reignites a sense of adventure and exploration as if the world is suddenly filled with new possibilities.

The Scared Island is the scent of dreams, nostalgia, and discovery. It captures the beauty of life's fleeting moments, intertwining love, strength, and adventure into a mesmerizing symphony of fragrance. This elusive oud offers a unique olfactory journey that speaks to the heart and soul, sparking emotions that are as vivid as they are ephemeral. Discover Ephemeral Embrace, and experience the unforgettable alchemy of flowers, wood, and herbs woven together in perfect harmony.

"The journey of getting this Oud." 

On a rainy day, Friday, 25th October 2019, our partner, Long received a call from Cheng about some wild oud chips.



Cheng was an experienced Agarwood hunter living in an ethnic village at Mugecun. Over the phone conversation, he said that he had some agarwood stocks that he and his team had been gathering for months.

Long agreed to meet him, so he hopped in the car and drove in the next morning.

After 2 hours, he arrived at the town, but Cheng's place was difficult to reach because of the narrow roads. And they were not bitumen but dirt and mud. 

So, Long borrowed a bicycle from a villager and rode according to Cheng's instruction.

Another 30 minutes passed, and Long arrived at a wooden house. It was still pouring



There were 5 people inside.

Cheng came out and greeted him.

" Long time no see, brother Long? Have you eaten? Come inside"

" So here is the place you are hiding."

Cheng smiled and made some tea.

" Let's talk business."

"Why so hurry, you drove over 125 km to come here, and it was dark currently. You are going to spend a night here anyway. Want some food?"

"Something quick will do, I am not hungry" Long said

Cheng sipped his tea and said

" I will be very direct to you; I need some cash". Cheng kept going

"After the 2016 flood, my team and I found many dead trees with agarwood. Only we knew the location of these trees The challenge was there were only 5 of us to transport the trees to the safe place and process the material. We need more men and a truck for this job, and we are short of cash.

Cheng continued

"So if you take ALL the current stock now, PLUS what I had at my place, you will get a price that you won't be able to get before. Then, I will be able to get more workers to get the rest of the wood so you can have more. I can't let many people know as they would fight over these, so should we collaborate?"

"Tell me what you got"

"25kg on hand and another 50kg at my place"

Long mentioned that it was difficult to transport these wood chips as they are quite bulky.

" I am not going to bring these back via a bicycle because it is too risky to do so. Also, I won't be able to access here by car; the local infrastructure does not support this option".



 Cheng came up with a brilliant solution. He asked

"Long, you told me you would like some oud oil, right?"


"Great". Cheng said there was an oil distillation unit near hear to turn these resinous wood chips into Oud Oil.

And Long agreed. After all, he was going to save a tremendous amount of logistics because the oil distillation facility is only 1km away from this wooden house. He could not be happier with this solution. Because

Had he managed to get these oud chips down the mountain and then several roads himself, he could not have come back in one piece. The road was dangerously difficult to access and there was no car access

Even if he could transport it to his distillation facility, the cost might not justify his works. So if he could do it locally, he would be able to pass his saving to us and ultimately to you. 


So he quickly handpicked the material for the first batch. Let's cook...


Double filtered oud  for double the pleasure

The distiller was an old man he did not talk much or allow Long to take more pictures.

He told Long that after pulverising these chips, he would soak it. He said the first filter would be here, where he removed all the wax.

The second filter occurred after the distillation was completed. He would filter the oud again to ensure the transparency of this "Liquid Gold".

Let me explain 

You see, some seller is selling oud oil without filtering. The smell may be alright but the liquid was cloudy. And it could be an eyesore, an incomplete oil.

To make the oil transparent, the distiller must filter it. It could be doubled or tripled depending on the oil.

This old man knew what he was doing, and he got some technique. Because the colour of this oil was clear golden brown. Like a fine whisky. Simply beautiful, not only to look but to smell. 

Fast forward 3 months, we got this batch from Long, and we had good news for you.


I have received 15 requests from you asking when our Kalimantan Oil was back in stock. My answer to you would always be the same.




because with wild oud, we could not make 2 identical batches.

You love our Kalimantan oil because of its woodiness, especially the first impression of powerful woody sweetness, and the pleasant mellowness of the single malt Scotch. You shared it with your friends, and it was sold out due to its popularity. You have been requesting to bring this oil back


I can't, nobody can.


But there was a main feature of this oil that is similar to the oil you love: the booming effect when it first came into contact with your skin or clothes.


When you receive this oil, put on a tiny dab on your wrist. I found it best to appreciate it on a cotton pad because you will see the full effect of it from start to finish which takes several hours. 

I have it next to my laptop, and I have been smelling it for over a week, and the scent is still present. 


This oud oil will satisfy your nose just like a fine gourmet satisfies your stomach. You will be fulfiled with joy.