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"The Ageless mala " - Wild Aged Sandalwood Mala 108 beads 6mm and/or 8mm


Wearing a sandalwood mala can make you feel good - from the strong, warm, woody and creamy aroma to your spiritual health. Sandalwood is denser and heavier than many other fragrant woods, making it suitable for making 108 mala and bracelets.

But not all sandalwood malas on the market are created equal. Many do not have any scent at all. For example, some manufacturers added synthetic fragrance oils to sandalwood mala to scent it. While nothing is wrong with it, it may make you feel different to the genuine natural aromatic sandalwood. When you pray and want to connect with the spiritual world, using synthetic scented mala may not work well.

That's why we are excited to offer our Ageless Sandalwood Mala, made from selected aged sandalwood logs. Its red and brown colour looks awesome, and it smells great naturally from the inside out - without any synthetic fragrances.

And because it's made from older sandalwood, it's more durable and will last longer. So if you are looking for a quality sandalwood mala that can provide all the benefits of this amazing wood, look no further than the Ageless Sandalwood Mala.


Introduce the Ageless Mala

Feel the smoothness of the beads with your hand, and let the sweet aroma embrace and calm your mind. Our aged sandalwood beads have a rich creamy and warm earthy sweetness that you will never want to take off. ( But please do before taking a shower!)

If Agarwood is the wood of God, then Sandalwood is the royal wood, it was renowned for its sweet and earthy aroma and had a long popular history amongst Hinduists and Buddhists. Sandalwood prayer beads can promote relaxation and enhance meditation. It was believed to stimulate the base Chakra that can strengthen trust and boost self-awareness, surround you with positive energy and help you to find balance in life. 

Unlike Agarwood, the aroma of Sandalwood comes from the heartwood itself. The older the wood is, the darker the colour and the fragrance will mature.


"The fragrance from this mala is permanent. It will be with you for a lifetime."


It gets stronger when worn on the wrist/ neck and heated with our body temperature. Suppose Agarwood is more about personal enjoyment as the aroma is very subtle. In that case, Sandalwood is about sharing, the pleasant aroma will surround you wherever you go, and the fragrance will linger on your skin for a longer time. 

The aroma of sandalwood is from the heartwood. And it could last many decades.

Imagine you could gift your loved ones this wonderful mala, so every time they see it, they will remember you,

Or you could wear it yourself to experience the difference between this one from the market.  Show this mala to your children, and they will appreciate this very much.


Our malas are threaded on an elastic string and finished with an adjustable knot; you can either wear it on your neck or wrap it around your wrist. All the beads are carefully hand-selected and can be customised upon request. You can now choose from 6mm or 8mm beads.


Bead size: 6mm/ 8mm

Colour: Red- light brown

Length: 68cm / 90cm

Unique Feature: Sandalwood repels mosquitoes, so that is another side benefit of wearing this mala. Buddha teaches us to avoid killing. Since the mosquito does not come near you because of the sandalwood aroma, you will be less likely to kill it. By not killing, you will have good karma.

How to care for your sandalwood mala

  • Please avoid contact with water. Sandalwood will absorb the water. Water will expand the beads and crack your beads.
  • If you wear this mala, please do not wear your perfume because the sandalwood will absorb your fragrance. It will lose its original creamy sandalwood scent.
  • Store it in a container or a zip bag when you do not wear it.