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*new* GW27 Wild Agarwood Bracelet Borneo 16mm 27g

Wild Agarwood Bracelet from Borneo Island

Dimension of each bead 16mm x 14 beads

Fit 18-18.5cm wrist. If your wrist is smaller, we can take one bead off to fit it on your wrist.

Weight 27g, which is more than the average. Usually, 16mm of Agarwood bracelet only weighs around 18g.


Agarwood has been prized for its unique aroma and healing properties for centuries. In recent years, this mystical wood has become increasingly popular in the Western world as people seek out natural alternatives to conventional medicines. Agarwood bracelets are beautiful and spiritual. Many people wear it as a lucky charm.

This GW27 has a subtle woody aroma. It is polished by hand with sandpaper. The surface is smooth and non-glossy.