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*SOLD* Wild Agarwood Aqualaria Malaccensis 108 mala 8mm 21g Classic Pattern

  • Are you worried constantly that you might buy a fake agarwood 108-bead mala?
  • Do you keep asking yourself how do you know if the agarwood bead you are about to buy is genuine?
  • Do you want to own a genuine agarwood necklace (108 mala)? 
  • Do you want to own an agarwood mala which has a decent weight, the one you can keep and your friends or relatives would say WOW when seeing it?
  • Do you want a brown, decent resin 108 agarwood bead which is NOT dyed, or submerged in oil or tampered with?
  • You have always wanted to have a high-quality mala to perform your religious ritual.


You have found it. Introduce you a special, unique mala that meets all the above requirement

Classic Pattern 108 agarwood mala beads

Weight 21g

Dimension 8mm

Region: Kalimantan

Only one available, this unique piece comes with a special small piece of material

Agarwood collector, this is a rare piece to own as

  • Decent resinous agarwood 108-bead necklace with clear classic agarwood pattern
  • Handcrafted, polished by fine sandpaper
  • It is now summer with humidity making its fragrance spread
  • 6 bonus beads in front of the guru bead

The textbook, classic, undisputed, difficult to fake pattern, the taxonomy of agarwood, please see the oil pore, the resin per below and left side images taken from different angles.