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Vietnamese Cultivated Agarwood Bracelet bead size 15 mm-19 mm

Origin: Vietnam Agarwood
Color: light honey
Aroma: subtle sweet woodsy aroma with  spicy and dried grassy mixed notes
Bracelet beads sizes and weights: 
  • 14.5 mm -15 mm : 12 grams-14 grams
  • 16 mm: 14 grams-15 grams
  • 18 mm: 18 grams- 19 grams
  • 19 mm: 22 grams - 23 grams

*Each of bracelets is unique and may slightly varied from photos but our products are selected to make sure you will get the best one!

All stored in zip bags so when received please take a sniff in the bag as well. Very warm, spicy piece of bracelet.

Great price point, entry level bracelets, young cultivated agarwood.