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Value set: 2 X 50G AGARWOOD LEAVES and receive a FREE Contemporary Kungfu (Gong fu) teapot set available white or black


Value pack


Order 3 x Agarwood tea bags and receive a FREE Kungfu tea set of your choice


Order 2 x Agarwood leaves 50g and one of the white or black Kungfu tea set is yours



Contemporary design for traditional use

Traditional teapot look beautiful but if you want to pour to the last drop

The lid may slip out and break

With this thoughtful design, you can use 1 hand to pour your tea without breaking the lid because:

  • There will be 2 handles located on each side instead of 1 at the back.
  • 1 string attached the lid with one side of the handle
  • Your finger will place on the lid when pouring naturally making it safe to serve your tea knowing it is safe for your teaware too


A closer look at the smart heat isolated handle design. Don't worry, your hand is safe and will not be burn

Pot Volume: 180 ml

Material: Handmade Porcelain 

Colour: White or Black

This porcelain kungfu (gong fu) teapot set includes:

  • 1 teapot 
  • 2 tea cups
  • 1 bamboo tray
  • 1 tea mat
  • 1 tea clip
  • 1 black portable packing bag with safe padding

Excellent match with our agarwood tea