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Symphony- Antgar stick - Wild Agarwood Incense stick

Weight: 100g ( 134 to 137 sticks)

Burning time for each stick: around 45 minutes

Bamboo core for multiple purposes: Besides enjoying the aroma, these incense sticks are suitable for praying and worshipping.


🌟 Introducing Antgar's Premier Incense: A Symphony of Scent and Serenity 🌟

🍃 Unveil the magic of 100g  wild, sustainably sourced Antgarwood incense bamboo sticks. 🍃

✨ Hand-crafted passionately, every bamboo-cored stick is rolled with Agarwood powder and plant binder, imparting a heavenly, nuanced, and enduring woody essence.✨

💫 Savor the finest Wild Sustainable Antgarwood Incense Sticks, forged by nature's little artisans. 💫


🌱 Antgarwood - The Essence that Sets Us Apart 🌱 Our incense boasts only two ingredients:

1) Odourless plant-based binder (Litsea Glutinosa).
2) Genuine Agarwood: unlike what is on the market, we use original, pre-distilled Agarwood powder. When you burn this, you will see a clear difference.

🌲 The enchanting Agarwood aroma is key; if it smells divine, so will the incense. 🌲
Unlike others using fragrance oils or any different oils to create a fragrance, you will experience the sweetness, and woodiness of Agarwood.

The Agarwood we employ in crafting our incense is nothing short of extraordinary. Let me reveal its secret.

🐜🐜🐜 The Architects of Antgarwood: Nature's Craftsmen 🐜🐜🐜


Our family-owned Agarwood plantation is home to numerous Aquilaria trees. We utilize a distinctive method on select trees to conjure Ant-garwood.


It's a slow and deliberate process.

A specific ant species is nurtured and released into a controlled environment where venerable Aquilaria trees thrive. 

These ants create their colonies, forming a harmonious ecosystem within and around the trees.

Renowned fungal farmers, these ants nourish their crops using leaves and an intricate tunnel system.

As a result, the trees are wounded, and they respond by producing agarwood.

This organic process mirrors that of the wild jungle, yielding exceptional Agarwood for our incense.


🌳 Delight in the Sweet and Spicy Aroma 🌳

When you ignite this Agarwood, your senses will be captivated by a sweet, spicy, and rich woody aroma, perfect for relaxation or meditation.

The ants are the driving force behind Antgarwood, hence the name.

Handcrafted with Precision and Love Ant-garwood is first ground to a fine powder.

Next, it's combined with our proprietary incense binder.

Each stick is meticulously handcrafted by a skilled artisan, ensuring perfection in every detail.

In today's market, most bamboo stick incense is fashioned from sawdust and aromatic oils. You have rarely found high-quality bamboo core incense until now.

For the connoisseur of fine bamboo core incense, your search ends here.

An Aromatic Companion for Prayer, Relaxation, and Meditation

Our all-natural Agarwood incense offers the perfect ambience for any occasion. Its meticulously crafted aroma ensures a soothing and serene atmosphere.

  1. Crafted from our exclusive Ant Agarwood and plant-derived adhesive, our incense is free of synthetic substances, inviting divine fragrance into your prayers and worship.

  2. Measuring 20cm in length, each stick offers an optimal burn time of 45 minutes. With approximately 50 sticks per package, you'll enjoy 101 hours of aromatic pleasure - an excellent value.

  3. Carefully stored in a cool, dry, dark place, our incense sticks maintain their freshness and fragrance. Remarkably, they have no expiry date.

In fact, the longer they're stored in a dry place, the more aromatic they become, thanks to our secret recipe. So, rest assured that you're making a wise investment with each aromatic experience!