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The Wisdom - The herbaceous spicy woody wild Agarwood Bracelet that sinks like a rock



Dear friend

If you are looking at this page and are still reading, it means you show a strong interest in this aged sinking Agarwood bracelet.

You will have some doubts in the beginning. You may be wondering if this is another fake one.

I understand where you are coming from, as the market is riddled with counterfeits. You have been many "Chi Nan beads", "Ky Nam beads" "Sinking beads ",... and you may have bought them in the past.

When the parcel arrived, you opened it up and realised it was counterfeit.

You contacted the seller, who insisted to you that it was indeed a real one.

The problem was that seller did not even know what he was selling.

So today, I will show you the authentic sinking Agarwood bracelet in detail.

I got two videos today to show you.

The first one was recorded as average daylight.

The second video will show you how fast the Agarwood bracelet sinks.






My man drove from Malaysia to Brunei to meet the hunter via the new bridge Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Bridge (SHOAS)

The hunter did not disclose the exact location of the Agarwood log or the area he got this bracelet from

He only revealed that the material was obtained from a dead tree in the Borneo region.

My team took a close look at the beads, verified its genuineness and brought this back to me. He took the picture on the spot.

The sad fact is that there is too many fake sinking Agarwood on the market, and it's hard to tell the difference.

But with our new Wisdom bracelet, you can be sure that you're getting the real thing.

I am sure you feel a bit better after seeing these two videos but let me show you how this bracelet will sink underwater without a doubt.

The Greek mathematician Archimedes invented the density formula below.


you only need to know this

The Density of Water (P) is 1 g/cm3

If the Density of the bracelet is larger than 1, the bracelet will sink

If the Density of the bracelet is smaller than 1, the bracelet will float

If you want to learn more about this, click here 


Ready for this?

Measurement of this Agarwood bracelet

This bracelet is weighted at 34.86 g. Let's be conservative I will make it 34.5g

There are 14 beads

Each bead has a dimension of 16mm so the radius is 0.8 cm

Each bead has a volume of 2.14 cm3

There are 14 beads x 2.14 = 29.96 cm3


P = M/V = 34.5/29.96 = 1.15 >1


P>1 So this bracelet sinks without doubt


Thank you, sir, Archimedes 

Please do not try to submerge this bracelet at home

Reason: if not careful, the water will be absorbed in the beads. The beads will then expand and crack.

I tested it for you first, so you do not have to test it again

What makes our Wisdom bracelet so unique?

Well, it's made with genuine sinking Agarwood beads that are many decades old! And because they are so old, they have a natural dark brown colour and a high resin density which makes them sink underwater. Plus, over time, the tree has developed a herbaceous, spicy, woody smell that is truly unique.