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SOLD OUT-The Trio Veterans - Limited Edition - Aged 10 years - 100% pure Agarwood Oil


The smoothest Oud possible

It is not just what we distil

It is how long we age it

Discover the three Oud oils that have been aged for 10 years(*).

Distil any ordinary agarwood chips, and you will have nothing more than ordinary agarwood oil.

As an oud lover, you may already have experienced many Oud oils. Because of that, you want something more than ordinary agarwood oi.

That is why we select special batches of agarwood chips to craft not just one but three extraordinary oud oil at our Binh Phuoc Oud distillery.

How unique are the distilling material: agarwood chips?

We often do quality testing to ensure our chips meet our client standards. To determine the quality, we send an agarwood sample to the lab.

It is the growers' interest to have the best batch possible

You see, most agarwood growers want to get good reports, so they will only send the best samples to the lab. Think about it, who would wish to a low-quality report on their products, right? 

These plantation agarwood chips are grown and hand-selected by our trade partners. The growers will prepare a few kgs of each agarwood chip which are more than what the lab requires. Just in case these samples are lost, the agarwood growers will hold onto them until the lab works are completed.

When the labs finish testing and issue reports, it means the grower could "release" these agarwood chips to the market.

These wood chips are known as AA Grade.  Usually, they will be sold to sophisticated customers in the Middle East. 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get our hand on these batches before they are sold?

What if we could distil Oud oil from this batch? 

We take this opportunity and offer to buy all the rest of these limited special batches of agarwood chips for this particular project. It sounds a lot, but there are only a few kgs available. There are simply not enough to get more because they are genuinely hand-selected. Only the most resinous chips are picked.

With a few kilos on hand, we gather and distil them in our oud distillery from three different agarwood plantations—one in Cambodia, one in Thailand and one in Indonesia.


Any ordinary oud will be cured in a few weeks and aged for 1 month or two. Although some of these ouds are good,  you will find their aroma could be improved by aging.


We think if we do that for you, you will enjoy it better.


So we age these oils for 10 years (*). The result is very pleasing. As the oud oils mature,  all the harsh odours have vanished; only the smoothest golden juice remains.


  1. The Sweetness of Cambodia: it is pleasant to smell. Its subtleness, sweetness and woodiness will make you save them for later use. But somehow, you could not close the bottle and keep smelling it. 
  2. The Spice of Indonesia: you would find super smooth accords here, with a pleasant complexed aroma.
  3. The Cool Breeze of Thai: cool, smooth, pleasant oudy Oud.

We only have less than 50g for each oil. 

Limited Edition, Limited Quantity - 10-Year-Old Oud Oils Editions

What do I mean?

These Oud will not be likely reproduced. 


Ask any established agarwood growers how often do they only submit their materials to the lab?

They will likely say ONCE. They will only do it more than once if their lab reports show incorrect results.

Or the results do not meet the customers' standards.

Or the lab loses the growers' samples.

In this case, their lab reports are great, the growers get a nice certificate and they will use it every time when requested.

They will not submit their material to the labs to test the quality again under normal circumstances. Why should they spend the money to get similar results?


(*) The material is plantation agarwood chip. These agarwood chips are formed at least 2 years from a mature Aquilaria tree. The oil distilled from these chips are further aged for 10 years . In short, these Oud oils were distilled 10 years ago. We have just released them.