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*New* The CKN-Unfair Copy of the Wild

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The hunter who lost his mind

Many years ago, in the afternoon of June,  a hunter discovered a century-old Aquilatree, which he believed contained the most expensive form of Agarwood: Ky Nam (literally means the Strange Thing in the South). On the market, a kg of Ky nam is from 500,000 USD. I once witnessed an auction of 312g of Ky Nam, and it was sold at 180,000 USD.

It is extremely unlikely for an Aquilaria tree to have Ky Nam because not every tree could form Agarwood, let alone Ky Nam. In the wild, it could take 100 years or more.

For an Aquilaria tree to have Agarwood: the tree has to be wounded for many months.


To have decent quality agarwood: it takes at least 2 years.

In the wild, Agarwood continues to form. Decades later, the Agarwood is hard enough that it makes the wood dense. So dense that it sinks underwater.

Many people use this test to test the quality of Agarwood, although it is not quite accurate. 

For Agarwood to become Ky Nam, we do not know the exact conditions, but we know that it takes around a century.

The hunter knew the value of this tree, but he did not take the tree down1 for his own benefit for some unknown reasons. He decided to call a scientist. Many hunters thought he must have lost his mind to “let go” of this fortune. Some of his associates even called him an insane guy.

No one understood his action: Instead of lopping the tree and selling it for millions of dollars, he decided to call a scientist.

The genius scientist

First, this scientist collected some of its seeds on the ground. Then, with the hunter’s help, he cut many branches of the mother Wild Aquilaria tree that contained Ki Nam and brought them back to an agarwood plantation. He named these branches as WKB-Wild Ky Nam branches. 

The following day, the scientist rooted these WKBs into the ground. Meanwhile, he gave the seeds of the wild mother tree to the agarwood farmers to plant. After four weeks, WKB (Wild Ky Nam branches) developed roots, and many seedlings started to show.

A few weeks passed by, the scientist knew that WKB (Wild Ky Nam branches) were healthy enough, so he decided to do something unimaginable: to Clone the wild mother tree with Ky Nam.

The Unfair copy: cloned Ky Nam?

Can he do it?

As a horticulturist, he has been grafting many trees, so he decided to give this ago.

CLONE them by grafting

This technique will increase the possibility of having Ky Nam of the Aquilaria trees when they are wounded.

With the help of agarwood farmers, the horticulturist has cloned hundreds of them.

Our farmers nurture them daily for 12 years, no matter rain or shine.

Life goes on, and 12 years have passed.

Dear friend,

I am going to reveal to you what it is like after 12 years of hard work.

These incredible chips will be pulverised to go through our Super Critical Co2 Extraction process, and the oil that comes out is known as CKN-Cloned Ky Nam Oud Oil.

Is this oil the same as wild Ky nam oil?

Unfortunately, I will let you know CKN - Cloned Ky Nam Oud oil is not the same as wild Ky nam oil without hesitation. 

Let me explain

Genuine Ky Nam is genuinely rare. Think about it, it takes a century or more to form, and this CKN Cloned Ky Nam oud oil only takes 12 years. To say it is comparable to the wild version is a joke. 

However, this should not let you down because some special notes of wild Ky Nam oil are available in this CKN Oud Oil.

How do I know? Because before releasing this CKN oud oil to the market, we have asked and gathered the opinions of many experienced users. They told us they could tell a creamy note unique to wild Ky Nam, which is available in this oil.

Scent profile

This is a CO2 extracted oud oil with Extreme purity and a clean woody note.

It has a thick viscous body and golden honey in colour.

It is a quiet, still, and elegant oud note. 

Please note this oil is “slow”. It means the moment you dab it on your wrist, and you may not feel it immediately.

Please be patient with it. After 2 to 3 minutes, you will feel the subtleness of the oil. 

When you breathe out the oil,  you warm it up. When you breathe in, you feel the subtle and creamy woody scent of this incredible oil.

Who is this oil NOT for

  • If you expect an intense woody note
  • If you expect there are changes in layer after layer of scent, 
  • If you desire any barnyard notes 

Then this oil is NOT for you. Please burn the wood chips instead. Click here to see the material used to distill this oil

Who is this oil for?

  • If you love the subtle and elegant aroma of oud, you will appreciate the CKN Oud oil.
  • Someone who loves rare, one-of-a-kind, exquisite and pleasant aromas, you will love to be the owner of this oil. 
  • If you appreciate the craftsmanship of oud oil, you will not want to miss this simply hard-to-find and make oil.
  • If you are an oud oil collector, surely you do not want to miss this. Reason: this is the first batch of the CKN. Only a few hundred trees grow, which means less than 3 kg of this oil is available worldwide. If this oil sells out, you need to wait for another five years to get it.
  • If you are an environment lover and love quality oud oil simultaneously, then you just found a perfect match. This is a 100% sustainable agarwood oil.


Is it worth the price?

Remember the story of the insane hunter and the genius scientist above? It turns out that they are not insane at all. 

They form a team and create cultivated CKN (Cloned Ky Nam) trees to sell these trees to the farmer. Each tree that is successfully grafted cost a lot of money.

You see, usually, if the farmers raise their own trees using their own formulas, they do have to pay extra costs. However, since this is a new invention, it is not free to use.

After all, the scientist and the insane hunter have been waiting for more than 12 years to get their return.

Although CKN oud oil is the same as the wild century-old Ky Nam, it contains the unique creamy woody note that only Ky Nam has. 

And with wild Ky Nam, my friend, experiencing the genuine oil distilled from it is a big challenge.

Think about it, who would want to distil something that is half a million dollars per kg into the oil? Even if there is, with such low yielding, you are looking at the price tag of $6000 USD (approximately 7,745 AUD) per g of Wild Ky Nam oil. And you have to get a minimum of 1g. With this price tag, only a few people could afford to try.

With the invention of CKN, it significantly lowers the entry barrier. What if I tell you that:

  • You don’t need to pay $6000 USD  to try
  • Not $3000 USD
  • Not even $1500 USD

With a small of $30 AUD (*)($23.5 USD), you can grab a 0.1 ml vial to experience it yourself. 

(*) Please note this figure does not include shipping and GST (if you are in Australia)