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*New* The Twin: Wild Agarwood 108 mala 14g 7mm


The mala's origin

You probably have seen the Ethereal which had a new proud owner, our special client, in Singapore. 

It was made of the same material. The most resinous parts were used to make that mala The Ethereal.

The Twin: as the name suggested, these two mala are nearly identical.

If you are an agarwood beads wearer or collector, you will often hear the below.

"I am looking for a mala with a dark colour, sinking for the price of around $1000."

Although it is unrealistic, here is the good news. There are three requirements from the above requests:

  1. Dark colour: it is a belief that the older the wood, the darker colour it gets. If you see the images of these mala, would you give this requirement a tick? 
  2.  Sinking: unfortunately, these agarwood mala do not sink. However, it does not mean they are low in quality. If you enlarge the image, you would see agarwood grains in most of the beads
  3. price around $1000: Good news,  $698 each, these are priced to sell.  

So two out of the three requirements have been met. If you are still thinking about it,  how would you feel when they are gone?  We do not have the exact same mala twice.

Only two pieces are available. 




7mm per bead (approximately)

Aroma: sweet, crisp woody scent

From Borneo Island