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*New* The Timeless Scar - Wild Agarwood bracelet from Borneo, 18mm, 32.8g

You might have heard of this idiom.

"time heals all wounds."

Time indeed heals all wounds.  Wounds can be cured, but the scars remain. 

Scars reminded our past.

And for me, scars are medals.

My mom friend is a head chef. His hands got many burn marks from cooking oil. He pointed them to me and told me how and when it happened.

These scars are part of him, 

He considered these scars as ranking.

I am a fan of mixed martial art, and I like Randy "The Natural " Couture.  If you looked at his hears, you would see they are deformed. People called them "cauliflower ears". 

He never tried to hide them, you can do a Google search on him, and you will notice it.

He won many fights, and he also lost many battles. He is resilient, and to me, he is a legend.

His wounds healed, but his cauliflower ears remained as part of him, part of his characters.

As Kahlil Gibran said


"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars". 

I would like to share with you a personal story

Early 2000, in a high school district 5, HCM city, there was a kid who constantly got bullied.

He often came home with bruised arms and legs because other kids hit him. He hid in by wearing long sleeves shirt and trousers.

His dad was a labour-hire and consistently worked in construction. He started early in the morning and finished late. So, rarely, he could see his son. 

One day, his dad finished early, so he decided to surprise his son by seeing him at the school gate. 

He waited and waited, but his son never showed. When he went back home, he saw his son face. The face of sadness and anxiety, and soon he discovered there were many marks and bruises in the boy body. 

After a good chat between father and son, he decided to bring this up with his son teacher.

The teacher listened to the father, and he called other kid's dad to discuss this bullying issue. But at that time, the other dad was not available. Finally, he managed to call the school office, but the response was not great.

"This is between the kids. This is kid business, why do I have to get involved?" said the other kid father.

"Alright, so you are saying let's the kid sort it out themselves?" asked the bullied kid father

"Yea because I don't have time for this"

The teacher warned the bullier that he needed to stopped his bullying behaviour.

So the father of the bullied kid decided to do what he could control.

That night, the bullied kid got enrolled in self-defence taught by a pro. He trained hard each day because he knew one day he needed to use it.

Bullying behaviour did not stop.

He still got beaten up occasionally, but each time he learnt how to get better next time.

Four weeks later, the teacher summoned a meeting again. 

This time the dad of the bullier complained. He said

"Hey, your son hit my son so hard. His nose was bleeding"

"I thought you said this was between kids and they would sort it out. Why should we get involved?"

The teacher tried to calm both parties down again. This time both of these kids got disciplined from the school. One more fighting incident, they would be both expelled.

And the good thing was the bullying stopped, and the bullier learnt a lesson.

That kid was my cousin and today. He still got a small scar in his face from that fight, but he did not regret it. He lost many fights with the bullier, but he overcame the fear by training. He won finally, and in the rest of his high school, he did not get bully again.

When I see this bracelet, I remember of cousin's story and the legend Randy Couture's cauliflower ears.

Scars are your medals; it reminded you that you are strong.

Just like this agarwood bracelet, it survived many attacks and each time it got stronger. Its scars are in the form of the resin, and it would last a lifetime.


Wild Borneo Agarwood


13 beads


Quality: move your cursor to see enlarged images of the beads. 

Each bead has a unique infection pattern. 

Only one available