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*New* The BATTLE SCARS -Wild Borneo Indonesia agarwood Bracelet 28g 18mm 13 beads

Wild Agarwood Bracelet, Borneo, Indonesia

Weight: 28g, 18mm, 13 beads

  • Looking for something heavy feeling bracelet?
  • Looking for "dark" "black" eaglewood.that is CHEAP? Sorry, if you are, this IS NOT for you
  • Looking for a gift or for yourself which is masculine, bold and outstanding, eye-catching wild agarwood bracelet?

This resin-rich (agarwood formation) bracelet is suitable for a strong man. You can see many " BATTLE SCARS" which are the agarwood formed around the wounds of this tree.

This tree has been fighting diseases around its wound, and this bracelet is the result of it. Are you a strongman? What are you waiting for?  There is ONLY ONE available