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*New* The Smoke Fountain - Backflow Agarwood Incense



The Smoke Fountain contains genuine agarwood and natural binding Litsea glutinosa. We do not add any fragrance oils to scent the incense. The incense smells great on its own because of the ingredients it is made from.

The Smoke Fountain is made with 100% natural ingredients, including genuine agarwood (some pre and post-distilled Agarwood powder). This type of incense produces more smoke than traditional incense sticks, and the smoke is said to have healing properties and is visually pleasant. It means the incense looks good and smells good too.

Imagine you are high in the mountain overlooking the cloud.

Small Cone-35g

Length: 2.5 cm

Approximately: 75 cones

Burn time per cone is approximately 10 minutes

Please note smoke only starts flowing downward after 1/5 of the incense was burned. 


See the above gif? The "cloud" was formed at the bottom

Lotus bub-50g

Length: 2.5cm

Approximately 26 cones 

Burn time per cone is approximately 10 minutes

Backflow smoke starts after 10 seconds after lit