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The Peated Oud - 100% Pure Cultivated "brewed" Oud Oil

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Introducing the Ultimate Luxury: Peated Oud Oil

Discover an extraordinary aroma that will transport you to a world of smoky sophistication with our exceptional Peated Oud Oil.

Crafted using state-of-the-art supercritical fluid CO2 extraction, this luxurious oil boasts a strong, manly aroma with smooth, woody notes. It is ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A Chance Encounter with A Whisky Master Distiller

On a crisp, sunny morning, a tall, distinguished gentleman with a silver beard and sharp, inquisitive eyes entered my place. His attire suggested that he was of considerable taste, and his bearing hinted at years of wisdom and experience. Little did I know, he was none other than Alex MacAllister (*pseudonym,) a legendary Master Distiller of whisky from the Scottish Highlands. He visited Brisbane for a short trip.

Alex had been experiencing our aroma of Oud oils and appreciating the assortment of our oud oils I had on display. Intrigued by seeing a small vial containing a dark, viscous substance, he asked me about it.

"This, my dear sir," I said, "is one of my most treasured possessions – a rare but sustainable, high-quality oud oil, carefully extracted from the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree."

The Master Distiller nodded, impressed. Unable to resist the opportunity, he asked for a small dab of the oud oil. As I applied the tiniest amount to his wrist, he closed his eyes, taking in the rich, complex aroma. His eyes widened with surprise almost immediately, and he exclaimed, "By the peat bogs of Islay! This is astounding! The scent of this oud oil reminds me of a fine Aged Peated Scotch – a smoky, mysterious spirit enjoyed by only a privileged few."

Inspiration struck me like a bolt of lightning. If a whisky connoisseur of Alex's calibre found a similarity between the two, it could be a brilliant idea to marry the two worlds. I decided to name this precious oud oil "The Peated Oud," which paid tribute to the character of aged peated scotch while highlighting its rare and exotic nature.

Word of this unique creation spread quickly, and soon "The Peated Oud" gained a cult following among both whisky and fragrance enthusiasts. The unlikely meeting between Alex MacAllister and myself had led to the birth of a new, groundbreaking scent – one that captured the essence of both the smoky peat of Scottish whisky and the timeless allure of oud oil.

As for Alex and me, our shared love for The Peated Oud had forged a bond that transcended time and distance, cementing a friendship rooted in our mutual passion for life's finer things.

The secret? Both Peated Scotch and our Oud oil share similar, captivating, smoky aromas that create an unforgettable sensory experience.

A Smoky, Woodsy, and Leathery Masterpiece

Our Peated Oud Oil is inspired by the smoky essence of campfires, barbecues, and cherished memories with loved ones. This mysterious and alluring oil offers a unique combination of smoky, leathery, and subtly spiced notes with a hint of smooth vanilla.

Discover the Intriguing Science of Aroma: The Peated Oud Oil and Whisky Connection

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our Peated Oud Oil, a fragrance that evokes the essence of campfires and barbecues, interwoven with cherished memories and shared moments. This exceptional oil is a symphony of mystery and allure, blending the smoky, leathery, and subtly spiced fragrances enriched by a velvety touch of vanilla. It is not just a scent; it is an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of warmth and intimacy.

Uncover the fascinating link between the worlds of whisky and our Peated Oud Oil. The secret lies in their shared chemistry. Both are endowed with phenols, cresols, and Guaiacol, which impart their unique smoky, leathery, and medicinal scents. When combined, savouring a peated whisky alongside our Oud oil, it creates an unparalleled sensory journey.

- A quote from David Cover (2017), Drink Hacker, Peat, Phenols, and ppm: Why Scotch Tastes Smoky

"Phenol itself gives you carbolic and antiseptic flavours, and Cresols give the whisky medicinal, bandage-like flavour that's very distinctive in Laphroaig. Xylenol can be extracted from coal tar and has a similar note, while Guaiacol gives a wood smoke type of flavour."

Imagine the rich aroma of leather car seats, the warmth of peated whisky, the comforting embrace of a campfire, or the earthy scent of a farm. If these scents resonate with you, our Peated Oud Oil beckons.

This oil transcends the ordinary with its refined, smooth fragrance that stands in a class of its own.

Crafted with Care: The Journey of Our Sustainable Oud Oil

Our Peated Oud Oil is the result of a meticulous process. Sourced from sustainably managed agarwood plantations, the wood is carefully ground, fermented for a month, and then extracted with advanced  CO2  Supercritical fluid extraction technology. This process ensures a harmonious blend of smoky, leathery, and sweet woody notes, creating a complex and exquisite fragrance - 100% pure Oud oil.

Order this oud to feel the smoothness of this oud aroma : Discover the Special Experience of Peated Oud Oil.

Our Peated Oud Oil is perfect for you if you love whisky and enjoy deep, smoky, and leathery smells. It is more than just a scent; it is a journey into a world of strong and fascinating aromas. Try the amazing Peated Oud Oil now and let your senses come alive.