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*SOLD* The Marble Trilogy - Wild Borneo Agarwood Bracelet - Number 2, and Number 3


$2999 AUD - SOLD-

As promised in the previous newsletter, after obtaining this log from a local hunter, we were able to make 5 pieces of jewelry but 2 were sold privately before even listed so the remaining are 2 bracelets and a 108 mala. Hence the name Trilogy :)

Click here for the mala

 Subtle scent profile: bittersweet spicy



These 2 agarwood bracelets wll come with a spare piece of the remaining material for you to test, smell, heat the scent profile of the beads without ruining your precious ones

Singaporeans: You may want t to ask or already have a question in mind: "How do I know it is genuine?"

or this is the most frequent ask: "Do you have a certificate of authenticity?"

No, we don't. Imagine this: if I get a nice paper, and print on it CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENCITY, would this statement make the item genuine if it is counterfeit?

So, how about a piece of remaining material of making these bracelets? Feel free to do whatever you wish to do with it :)

 "Grandawood's certificate of authenticity"  images per below (no words were written though :)) )