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*Very Old* The Marble Trilogy - Wild Borneo Agarwood 108 mala - number 1

Who ELSE want this old 108 agarwood mala that has

  • many resinous grains in every bead

  • a subtle warm woody fragrance

that many men and women fall in love with?

 Dear friend

If you are reading this, then you are looking at a rare find piece of mala. It is not only rare, but it is also the only ONE left.

Many Years ago, in the North Kalimantan region, my friend KJ found a small log that pleased to his eye. Words were not enough to describe the uniqueness of this log. So if you looked at the below picture, you would know what I mean

You see, in front of you is a "marble looking" woodcut. My friend told me that it would be a big challenge to find something like that in nature.  He even dared me to find a similar pattern on the market.

I had to admit; I could not find anything like this.

Shortly after that, my friend made two agarwood bracelets (they were sold) and one mala. 

Each bead of its mala has a dimension of 8mm with the weight of 29g.

You see, if you asked any experienced agarwood collector, an 8mm-mala with the weight of 29g is really rare. You can confirm it your self  through searching around (be sure that is agarwood, but not the other)


Scent profile: warm woody and bittersweet spicy

If this rare agarwood mala is presented in an auction house or even in a retail shop, the price would be easily over $5000 USD. I am very confident because I have seen many in the retail shop and the quality was nowhere near this special one. And the worst part is you do not know if you are getting a genuine one

Don't worry, and I understand your concern. So I have a piece of the original material for you. 

If you trusted me, you could heat this piece of material, so see how you feel how it smells under heat.  You can turn the lights on for 3 seconds and blow the flame off. When you do that, you will get a hint of smell. This is the smell that earns the name: Wood of God. 

If you don't trust me, you can bring this piece of material to the lab or any expert to verify it is genuine agarwood. You can use this piece as a certificate of authenticityYou can feel at ease that you get yourself the right one.

As promised, below is my "certificate authenticity."






You see,  it has the oil pores (golden colour), and the resin (brown-black colour), two main features of high-quality genuine agarwood. 

As you are reading this, it looks like a real thing. Wait until you have it on your hand, you will find the beauty of it.