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*New* The Heaven Smoke- 100% Pure Cutlivated Agarwood Oil (Oud)- Co2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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Level of happiness

He used to think: “Oud is fecal and dirty” until he tried the Heaven Smoke - Agarwood farmed by ants.

Greg's Journey to Discovering the Ultimate Oud Experience

Greg, an oud lover, is searching for rare, exclusive, and extraordinary scents. His search leads him to the enigmatic world of Oud oils, guided by recommendations from online forums and review websites.

-Unpleasant Surprises-

Greg eagerly orders Oud oils from various marketplaces, only to find himself disappointed by the unpleasant notes in his acquisitions, evoking scents of fecal matter, burning plastic, and even dead rats. He is baffled by Oud's allure and swears never to try it again.

-A Gift of Heaven Smoke-

However, fate intervenes when Greg's friend, Khan, generously gifts him our exquisite Heaven Smoke Oud during Ramadan. Initially hesitant to try the oil, Greg fears disappointment and the potential of offending his friend. Yet, curiosity prevails.

-A Revelation in Scent-

At home, Greg takes a cautious dab of the Heaven Smoke Oud, and the captivating woody aroma of the thick, bright, brownish liquid instantly enchants him. Shocked and delighted by the stark contrast to his previous experiences, Greg excitedly shares his newfound appreciation for Oud with Khan, who later shares the story with me.

-Triple Happiness: A Love for Oud Rekindled-

Inspired by the revelation of Heaven Smoke, Greg visits our store just three days later and purchases another 3g of our Triple Happiness Oud, his love for Oud oil reborn and thriving.


Greg used to think Oud was “dirty” because the market was riddled with inferior stuff. He was "scammed" many times. 

But when he tries Heaven Smoke - Triple Happiness- direct from an Agarwood farmer, he is in love with Oud again. 

If you find Greg’s story related to you,  it means you prefer a clean, woody aroma over the “barnyard” one.

"What so special about this oil?" - A farm inside a farm.

Unveil the hidden mystery behind the world's most exquisite and rare Agarwood Oud Oil, crafted by none other than nature's tiny, unsung heroes – the ants!

Embrace the extraordinary journey of how these remarkable creatures transform ordinary trees into a lush oasis of fragrant delight.

My brother is a farmer, and he reveals the incredible truth.


The ants created this Agarwood.

He and his team only distilled the oil from this incredible material.


He only provides the Aquilaria trees to the ants so they can make shelters from the trees. Once the ants are inside the trees, they “farm” the fungi for food. The fungi then attack the trees.  As these trees are wounded, they defend themselves from the fungi attacks by creating Agarwood. 


If you chop the above log in half, here is what the inside looks like:



- In this tree, many ants are inside, as you can see. They are farming fungi that provide food for them. These fungi "stimulate" the defence system of Aquilaria trees because they signal an attack. These trees then create "agarwood" to defend and heal themselves. 

 My brother farms the trees. Ants farm the fungi inside the tree. So we call it "a farm inside a farm".

In response to the fungi's attack, the trees "create" this resinous agarwood, their natural defence mechanism. Witness the enchanting formation of agarwood from the tiny holes carved by these industrious ants as the trees heal themselves in the most captivating way.

Are there any pesticides or harmful substances in this oil?

In any ordinary trees or plants, farmers use pesticides to drive the pests away.

But our trees are not ordinary, and they are legendary- Agarwood. These trees can survive through hardship.

So there will be no pesticides because if there are, there will be no ants, hence no agarwood.


We are grateful to the ants, the true agarwood farmer.

See these tiny holes? The ants created these. To heal itself, the Aquilaria trees formed "agarwood" around the wound. Isn't it fascinating?

Which options should I choose?

Our Agarwood Oud Oil is a testament to the harmony between man and nature. With zero pesticides or harmful substances, we honour the ants as true agarwood farmers. After all, without them, there would be no agarwood to cherish.

There are two variants of this oil:

  • Double Happiness: you would be joyful to smell this oil

  • Triple Happiness: you would be joyful AND, simultaneously, delighted, enlighted, and feel blessed when you smell this oil. A transcendent experience that goes beyond mere joy, enveloping you in a state of enchantment, elation, and divine blessing.

This pure Agarwood Oud oil sinks in water

Dive deeper into the magic with our innovative Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction method. This process ensures higher oleoresin content and consistency with a more extended, mesmerizing scent profile. Our CO2-extracted oud oil is denser than water, offering exceptional value for every drop.


In this extraction method, the volatile compounds are not as many as in "water/steam distillation"; however, the oleoresin content is much higher, double compared to Essential Oil.

You will find oils using this method, especially oud oil, consistent. The scent remains unchanged in pleasant floral, sweet woody, herbaceous, and medicinal profile for an extended period.

Co2 extract pulls out the long carbon chain denser than the water making this oud oil sink. It means that you got more oil per ml for this method than the traditional water/steam distillation. To summarise, on average, water/steam distillation 1ml of oud oil is around 0.9g. With Co2 extract, 1ml of oud oil will have around 1.02g of oud oil.


The resin content of the oil is 2 times more compared to the average on the market

The density of this Oud oil is heavier than water. So it sinks!


This is a CO2 Supercritical Extract Oud Oil; the temperature is around 31 Celcius degrees during extraction.

It contains less highly volatile molecules and more non-volatile ones than the hydrodistillation method; initially, it seems very dull.

Still, if you take a dab and leave it exposed to the air, let the oxygen do the work, and you will notice the scent development and enjoy the experience.

There are two types of Heaven Smoke.

Double Happiness - Heaven Smoke

Sustainably crafted from cultivated Agarwood, it is perfect for creating a sweet, woody, ambery base in your signature perfume.


Triple Happiness- Heaven Smoke

The oil is extracted from Wild Agarwood sourced from sustainable origins, offering a more complex, sweeter, and woodier aroma for the true connoisseur.

It has what Double Happiness has to offer. Also, its complexity is slightly greater. You will feel it sweeter and woodier.

Embark on an olfactory adventure like never before with our Ant-Farmed Agarwood Oud Oil – a treasure trove of aromatic wonders crafted by the astonishing synergy of nature's alchemists. Don't miss this chance to experience the spellbinding essence of Heaven Smoke. Get yours now!