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The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 Mala and/or Bracelet - Cultivated beads with wild agarwood quality


When Kelvin looked at this GGG-108 agarwood mala, he could not believe his eyes.

Kelvin was from Singapore, and he had been searching for an agarwood mala for many months. He liked to wear one daily on his wrist because it made him feel good.

Kelvin had a budget of around $300, so he searched online and some local stores where he lived. He found that for the agarwood mala he liked, the price was around $400, double his budget. For the mala within his budget, the quality was way below his expectations. So he went online and blind-bought two mala from the online marketplace, the second one from an agarwood sale/trade forum. He received one buaya crocodile agarwood (which is NOT Agarwood) for $350 and one unknown hardwood (which is also NOT Agarwood) for $280. He was frustrated because he bought two agarwood mala from two different sources. Both were fraudulent.

One day, he came across Grandawood and found the GGG - our 6mm cultivated agarwood mala.

When he saw this mala,  he thought it was another fake one.

He thought this mala was counterfeit because it was too good to be true for its quality at this price. The GGG beads' texture was even darker than many on the market listed at a price of double, triple, even quadruple this GGG mala's price. Kelvin decided to give me a call, and we had a quick chat.

I understood his concern. He had been scammed before. He bought several counterfeit Agarwood from many vendors.

So I showed him our Aquilaria trees in our plantation, which we used to make this GGG necklace. He then compared it to many agarwood mala he was looking at. He found that this GGG was even better than some wild agarwood bracelet.

Let me show you what he meant.

The image below shows our cultivated GGG agarwood(farmed and sustainable) vs a wild one from the online market.

Can you guess which one is wild and which one is farmed?

Here is the answer

Most people could not guess, some guessed correctly, and many were wrong. You probably wondered how this farmed Agarwood could be better than the wild one?

Kelvin had the same thought, and with a price of $100 for a resinous agarwood mala, it was a no brainer to him.

Kelvin got himself a GGG.

Three weeks later, I asked him how he felt about the GGG mala. He did not reply. 

As we have been busy, I have not followed up with him.

Suddenly one day (after two years), I received a message from him. 

He told me there was no need to buy from me again because his GGG agarwood mala was still perfectly fine. The best part was: it had become glossier, darker texture, better looking when he bought it.

 There are no tricks, but one tip: Keep these agarwood beads away from water. You will have a shiny glossy agarwood mala and bracelet.

So what is the GGG? 

The name originates from good Karma.  

  • Have Good Thoughts
  • Say Good Things
  • Do Good Deeds for other

And Everything will come back (to you)

So by having this mala on your wrist, you are more likely to practice good Karma, and good things will come back to you.

.... I want more information about this agarwood 108 mala:

Homegrown cultivated agarwood beads, premium quality, handcrafted, made with care

Sweet Woody Smell


Weight: average 8.5g to 9g

Total Beads: 114 beads (108 beads + 6 )

Below are some enlarged images of the GGG's beads for you to take a closer look at.


Wouldn't it be nice to have an agarwood bracelet that is full of resin and sustainable with half of the price compared to the wild?

 (just in case you are new to Agarwood,  cultivated Agarwood is Agarwood that is planted in a plantation, it is genuine Agarwood, grown in a controlled environment)

What to expect

When you first wear them, the wax layer may come off after a day, the bracelet or mala will appear lighter. This is a normal process, so please do not worry.

After a week, the bracelet/mala will get darker when it contacts your skin and sweat. The change of texture will vary from person to person.

Is this genuine Agarwood?

If you showed this mala to an experienced agarwood user and told him this is Wild Agarwood, he might believe you. That how good it is.

If you bring this mala or bracelet to any lab or reputable testing services, they can confirm its genuineness.

You may think offering this quality of Agarwood at this price is impossible. 

I agree many vendors cannot offer this.

But we can because we are agarwood farmers. We have been planting Aquilaria trees, and we have been harvesting sustainable Agarwood.

Double money-back guarantee

In "the impossible event" that the test claimed this GGG was fake, I will refund TWICE the money back to you. I will even refund the test fee for your trouble.

So if you want a genuine, good-quality agarwood mala, then I urge you to try this out. Simply add this to the cart.  

Pray with this mala and feel the difference

I hope your prayer will be answered.