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The Forbidden Scent -Brunei High Grade Agarwood (Oud) Oil


Scent Profile: Smokey at first due to steam distillation, strong woody and slightly sweet but this sweetness is unique to others Oud Oil, something is hard to put into words.

Sharp and strong to start with, slightly fresh cut grass smell and some dried floral notes, a hint of seaweed. The most interesting thing is its floral notes are again different from others.It excited me a bit but quickly calm me down. I become more alert and keep sniffing this beautiful oil. 

After several minutes, the oil is smooth out, it is so pleasant! Interestingly, this scent will last for several hours before transforming again to a completely different scent. To sum up, this is such an interesting Oud Oil which I have never tried before. A completely different experience: Something is new and unique. 

The name derived from the prohibition of harvesting live Aquilaria tree in Brunei Darussalam but dead tree and usually it is very rare. Being a human, we like to own thing that rare and unique, so we attempted to try out.

Stuck in trafficjam for several hours, before reaching to our local hunters. 

Fortunately, the rewards are sufficient enough for us to forget all the troublesome. We arrived at late night.

Quantity is strictly limited and we need a bit there to get this "forbidden" scent distilled. The local was grading and scrapping the oud from dead Aquilaria tree