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*New* The Emptiness - Cultivated Resinious Agarwood chips


The secret technique that creates rich and complex woody agarwood aroma


The Emptiness - Mature, cultivated agarwood chips from our own plantation Binh Phuoc


Let me take you behind closed doors for a privileged glimpse of our agarwood frame.

Take a look at the image below, and you will see an agarwood frame (Aquilaria tree that has most of its non-infected wood taken out)



This Agarwood frame shows you how Agarwood is distributed in an Aquilaria tree. It contains three parts:

  • Tree Body
  • Healthy Wood
  • Agarwood

Tree Body and Healthy Wood have limited uses because they are not aromatic. The infected part: Agarwood is what I would like you to take a closer look at.



What I circled in red are two holes. These holes are the result of the electric drilling by our team. 

As these holes are injuries, the Aquilaria tree will heal itself by secreting Agarwood resin. 

I have marked Agarwood below. You can see some dark brown resin that forms around the injuries (holes), 



If we harvest or cut out these Agarwood parts, we have Agarwood chips. These chips come in different shapes and forms.


Here is the secret:

Have you noticed the wood parts and the holes disappeared utterly?


Let me show you these holes, including the wood parts in the middle, has vanished completely. 


Why does it matter?

First, the part that was vanished (circled in red) is non-resinous. It means there was no resin or Agarwood in it. There are two disadvantages to having them.

  • First, they increase the weight of the chips.
  • Second, they smell like ordinary wood when burning.

When you pay for Agarwood, you pay for the resin, the best smelling part. Having the non-resinous parts will inflate the chip's weight, which means you are paying more for something you don't need. You also experience some firewood smell if the red-circle part is not removed. Many wood chips on the market still have this part.



At Grandawood, we have a " Hollow Body" technique to remove these non-resinous wood biologically.  



The result is astonishing.

You will experience a pure, high-quality, highly regarded incense aroma when you heat these chips. Once you smell this alluring fragrance, you will never forget it because i

You see, many cultivated agarwood chips in the market will have a solid body like the one below.



The new fibres (circled in green) are regenerated because the Aquilaria tree recovers from injury (drilled hole). This unique fibre part is almost odourless at room temperature. And it causes two issues.

First, you will pay more because agarwood chips with this fibre are heavier.
Second, when you burn this type of chip, you may feel good but somewhat unsatisfied because it does not give you a pleasant aroma.

Let me explain further. 
I am not a vegetarian or vegan. I eat fish, so I would like to use it as an example. If you also have fish like me, would you prefer fillet over fish with bones?

Our Emptiness chips are like fish fillets. They are deboned so you can enjoy them much more. 

How does Grandawood treat this woodchip?

We do not harvest our trees when they are not ready. We let time help us. Time is Agarwood's friend.

Over time, this young part is mature, and with our Hollow Body method, a non-poisonous technique, this part will be aged and decay. Finally, it will decompose completely, resulting in more Agarwood.



And it is even better because

The wall inside the chips is resinous, too; it means you get Agarwood from outside and inside the chips. DOUBLE HAPPINESS


Allow me to show you. 

Below is an image of our Emptiness Agarwood chips


It is full of resin on the outside, as you can see. 
How about the inside of these chips?

The red-circled part is inside the chip. Usually, you will find that they have little resin on the market. But thanks to our technology, our Emptiness Agarwood chip is full of resin and oil.


You can have a look yourself:


When you heat these chips under an incense electric heater or hot charcoal with a mica plate, you will experience the beauty of it.


Close your eyes when you take a sniff. You will remember this fragrance. You will understand why it has the name " Wood Of God".



To those who love incense, you will appreciate this aroma for life.

You will know how good it is when you heat this chip up. You will also understand why this wood earned its name as the Wood Of God. 

Are you feeling curious? Try 10g today.