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The Broken Beauty: Wild Raw Sinking Agarwood Bracelet non-bead

Weight: 34.89g, subtly sweet, fresh fruity scent

These 13 wild agarwood pieces from Ambon are in their natural shape.

As you are all aware, beads making create a lot of waste because of their sphere shape.

So this time, we attempt to make something different with this sinking agarwood log, simply cut it into multiple pieces of polygon instead. 

After cutting them into smaller pieces, and whole-drilled ready to be strung.

Usually, if we want to make "sphere" or round beads, the next step would be buffing and filing through a bead spinner which would result in at least 10g of these precious wood pulverised. For this time only, we decided NOT to go ahead with the sphere or round beads. The final product is astounding: