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"The Beauty of the Death" Wild Aged Sandalwood beads


The tail of a sinking sandalwood log

 Earlier in November 2019, I received a call from F, who we work with

-"Trent, I got something special for you."

-"What is it?" I asked

-" A death sandalwood log !" F told me with excitement

-"Sor,ry F. I am not really interested in any sandalwood at the moment."

-"This is not any ordinary wood you have seen, this log weighs heavier than the usual, and it is denser."


-"Don't you get it, this log is ancient and solid. Older sandalwood means better creamier fragrance. Better yet it was dead; no tree cut down."


-"it sinks underwater, it is sinking quality," F said

-"Hahaha, I think you got it mixed up. Sinking quality is a term we used for Agarwood, why did you use it here?"

-"Because when I cut a small piece of the log, put it into the water, it sinks. What should I call or name it, Trent? Judging its appearance, I know it is good, it is solid and heavy."

-"Interesting, most young sandalwoods on the market are floating, OK, show me what you got"

My phone vibrated 

-"OK, F, how do you know it was a dead tree," I asked

-"The hunter told me."

-"OK, F, I am interested, how big is this log."

-"Not much, Trent, only a few kgs, but the price is way above market price."

I had not seen this before, so I thought I would give it a go. Besides, if this is just wild sandalwood, I would have hesitated because it means more tree had been hewed, which was not the case here. I told F before, and I was only interested if it was from a dead tree. I could be wrong; the hunter could lie to us to get the business. Unfortunately, it was too difficult to verify if the tree was dead when collected.

Long story, short, after some back and forth,  and we got a deal.

So, I was told this was a rare log from a dead old sandalwood tree. It is time to see how unique it was or what so special about it.

What makes the "beauty of the death" sandalwood bead


the 2.7 times bigger and 14 times heavier standard one?

We made a small 6-mm bead to verify what the hunter said about its sinking quality (this term was usually used in Agarwood, not sandalwood).

I had a 16mm sandalwood bead in stock so I would like to find out what was going to happen if I dropped them into water.  Here are the two beads placed close to each other

Here is the summary of size and weight of 2 beads, side by side

"Beauty of the Death
Standard Sandalwood Bead


The standard one is 2.7 times bigger and 14 times heavier than the "Beauty of the Death"



Let me ask you a question: "If I dropped two of these into the water, what would happen?"

I knew you were excited to find out as well as I was, so let's get straight into the point. Ready 1, 2, 3...


The big one floated, and the small one sank.

Why? Because the density of the small one is denser than water while the large one is less dense. So the hunter was telling the truth. I got what I paid for.

The problem 

Being rare and limited quantity, we decided to make some 6mm of sandalwood 108 mala and 16mm bracelet. This collection is limited.


Who is it for?

If you had been collecting sandalwood beads for a while, you would have seen many high-quality pieces of sandalwood. I can assure you, these mala and bracelets will steal your heart and supercharge your spirit every time you sniff it. Better yet, sandalwood is insecticidal. It means mosquitoes to will fly away from your arm when you have this bracelet on. Isn't it a beautiful thing to have?

Sandalwood lovers: you might have seen and tested many sandalwoods before, but I be, you would fall in love with these beads once you tried this. Being this rich, creamy and spicy woody in 108 mala and bracelet, it is undoubtedly quite rare to experience this.

If you are a couple, this holy scent bracelet will help you to connect better. The scent from this sandalwood mala is mega penetrating, long-lasting creamy woody. Once you open the package, you can smell it at a distance of 10 cm approximately.

Once you and your partner wear these sandalwood mala or bracelets, the scent would become part of yours, intertwined with your soul, and purified your spirit.

 A comparison

Number 1: on the market, this is the most popular colour. These are young smell nice and light.

Number 2: This is a quality good aged piece of sandalwood bead. Reddish colour, its scent is strong and creamy.

Number 3, and 4: Tenacious, intense, siking, creamy incense scent, darker colour, and heavier feeling when you wear. If you put more than three pieces together in a closed container overnight, the next day, when you open the lid and take a sniff, you would be transferred to a different world, a world of happiness. At least, that is what I experienced. 



Dimension and weight

The beauty of the Death - 108 Mala

Dimension: 6mm

Weight  around 17g

Dimension: 8mm

Weight  around 37g




The Beauty of the Death - Bracelet 10mm

Dimension: 10mm

Weight: around 11g


The beauty of the Death - Bracelet 16mm

Dimension: 16mm

Weight: around 27g

If you an agarwood lover and quickly glance at this bracelet, would you guess this is a sandalwood bracelet? If I told you this bracelet is made from sandalwood, you might not believe it because it does not look like anything on the market.

If I told you it was Agarwood, some of you might even believe it. Have a look at them yourself

Both are 27g which one is sandalwood beads?

I leave the answer to you.