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Z- SOLD OUT - Z The Aroma Of Incense, Sacred Oud (Agarwood) Oil-100% Pure Steam Distillation


If you have burn agarwood incense and been enjoying it scent, this oil is for you.  You will experience strong and constant  woody note just like burning incense. The only difference is there is no smoke and more intense.

If you are afraid of upsetting people around you because of the pungent or sharp scent of oud oi , this oil is for you as it is pleasant to wear, containing minimum barnyard note.

If you used to refuse to wear oud oil because of its stinky scent, this oil is for you and it would change your mind and feeling about oud, completely.

If you like Sandalwood Oil, you could blend with this pure Oud oil to create a special oil just for you.

If you like antique, old temple scent, this oil is for you.

Super long lasting, and superb quality