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Gift sets: Super Valued Agarwood (Oud) Pack: oil, incenses, wood chips, perfume, and tea.

  • You heard of agarwood but have not tried it before?
  • You don't know what you like as there are multiple agarwood products: oil, incense, chips, and tea?
  • You feel like paying so much but get so little?
  • You don't know where to start as you want to try everything but it is so confusing to buy. It is difficult to determine which one is right for you
Introduce to you our super valued agarwood sample pack. This is your agarwood journey, your experience in a pack.
The total value of each individual item is $520 AUD worth
Don't believe it? You don't have to, check it by clicking the link per item
1x Agarwood oil sample set (6 x 0.5ml cultivated oud oil) $250 (after discount $110)
Agarwood chips: Do Xi A+: 10g
    High Resin Cultivated Agarwood Chip 10g $42
    6 x Mica Plates $12
    1 x Grandawood Agarwood incense - High Quality 10 g $30
    1 x small backflow agarwood cone incense 50g $28
    1 x 30 ml  Grandawood Agarwood Perfume: Oud Spirit (no extra 0.5ml oud oil as it is already in the sample set) $100
    10 x Agarwood tea bags $12

    $520.00 AUD

    Our Special Offer

    $199.99 AUD only