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*New* Spiritual Communicator - A Tearless Ritual Incense- Organic Joss Stick Incense Use At Home or Temple

Do you have watery eyes and irritated noses when burning incense?

When facing challenges in their lives, some people pray to God to give them strength. They are burning incense while making wishes and hoping they will come true.

Or some just burn incense because that is their daily ritual.

Many of them find that they develop itchy, watery eyes and itchy noses after several minutes. Some people even start to cough. These adverse reactions stop when the incense burns off entirely or is extinguished.

What causes these reactions?

It is more than likely the smoke coming from the incense they are using.

Smoke is from burning incense ingredients. And if the incense contains harmful fragrance oil, the smoke will cause adverse effects to your body.

Why do the manufacturers do this?

Answer: Because people want cheap and affordable incense. 

Natural ingredients are not cheap, but the fragrance oil mixed with sawdust is. And if you asked the vendors or the sellers what their incense are made of, chances are they would not be able to answer you directly because they do not know. These harmful fragrance oils are also trade-secret, so the vendors will not reveal them to you.

If you do not want to suffer from the harmful smoke, you may choose a "greener" incense.


Incense made by a farmer

My brother is a farmer, and I will share a hard-to-believe but true statement with you.



In this incense, there are only three ingredients: 

Why is this hard to believe?

Most manufacturers who produce joss sticks will mix fragrance oil to scent their incense. That is why you feel bitterness harsh burning notes when you light your incense.  

You see, some incense with an eye-catching package is retailing at $4. Please note that it includes all duties and taxes. I know a packaging manufacturer; he told me the package alone would cost them $1.2 to make. It means that the package is more expensive than the incense itself.

You will see a clear difference with this Spiritual Communicator incense when you compare one on one. The only smell you will find is the warm, light woody Agarwood (although it is not top-of-the-line quality) because there are only three ingredients. The tree-derived adhesive is odourless, and the bamboo stick will not burn automatically.


What is "Spent Agarwood"?

Spent Agarwood is the pulverised agarwood powder used to distil agarwood oil. 

Although this powder is "spent", it is still aromatic when burning. Therefore, it is suitable to make natural budget incense.

And yes, you are getting 100g of incense, not 10g, not 20g, not 50g manufactured by the old-school way - 100% natural plant-derived ingredients (Aquilaria, Litsea and Bamboo, that is).


Product information

 Package: 100g of Agarwood Incense Made Of Spent Agarwood

  • Weight: 100g
  • The number of sticks: approximately 145.
  • Length of each stick: 20cm
  • Burning time each stick: 40 to 45 minutes
  • Made in our agarwood plantation - Binh Phuoc Vietnam

You are getting 96.67 hours worth of burning incense if you burn one stick at a time which we encourage you to do. More is less because one is all you need to feel the fragrance.


If you want fancy packaging with incense made from highly resinous Agarwood, this Spiritual Communicator incense is not the right one for you.

But if you simply want woody, environmentally friendly, sustainable incense and cost-effective, you will like this incense just fine.

Suitable use at home and temple