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Specialty 100% Pure Super Merauke Wild Agarwood (Oud) Oil - Steam Distillation



With steam distillation and a short period of soaking, there is no pungent or sharp scent to start with, this oil is extremely smooth with a very sweet note and pleasant scent, in the beginning,  originated from Merauke Indonesia.

Similar to a fine perfume, the next layer would be woodsy, followed by wildflower from the jungle. 

Raw material

Have you been  into the jungle before? Image while it is raining and you find a shelter, sitting there you would sniff a wet, minty of grass scent. 

It is so evocative that one of the Maori who has never smelled Oud be re, mentioned that she felt something familiar, back home in a raining jungle. Her childhood was brought back, something beautiful.

Unlike others, it is so smooth that almost everyone could try and like it in the first go.