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Specialty 100% Pure Merauke Wild Dark Agarwood (Oud) Oil - Steam Distillation from Decent Resinous Agarwood


"Dark Wild Merauke: An intense umami hit of pepper, leather, rubber, roasted red meats, and a suggestion of salty vegemite – this variant is a calm oud, with a pleasantly vertical static quality: like standing still and letting the busy world go by. A soft, solitary, and masculine oud – with a concentrated intensity. Delightfully reflective, moving onto notes of cut grass and green meeting black."

-Liam Sardea- Olfatics.net-

This oil was distilled from agarwood from Merauke region: wild summer flower, minty and woodsy. Extremely wearable and pleasant scent, quite masculine.

Perfect to dab behind your ear, around your neck or your wrist, last circa for 24 hours on clothes and 5 hours on skin. With its calming effect, you would be blessed all days with this oil.

Whenever you do meditation, this would bring a calming scent to you. As its long lasting properties and beautiful aroma, let this carry you away to your own world. Be your own, (smell) like no others with this 100% pure genuine Oud oil.

This is not something you could buy off Amazon or eBay for a few dollar and even for its raw material, it takes years to form plus days to distill and monitor with care and passion.