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Shreded Green Kygarwood - cultivated Ky Nam Agarwood chip


Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a secret about something very special, something that smells so delightful. It is about our Agarwood chips, but not just any chips. I am talking about Kygarwood, a name that might sound fancy, but it’s all about bringing joy with its creamy, woody scent.

You see, I am not just selling these chips; I adore them just as much as you do. I am always on the lookout for ways to make enjoying Kygarwood even better. If you do not know me, my family has been growing Agarwood for many decades.

In 2022, Kygarwood has been a hit, bringing smiles and happiness wherever it goes. But then, something happened. A wise customer mentioned she was using it up too quickly. She loved the scent but wished it lasted longer.

That got me thinking. How could I make Kygarwood last longer so everyone can enjoy it more?

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. It was not easy. I learned that making something great takes time, effort, and a lot of pain.

  • Picking out the best parts of the wood, that is tough.
  • Waiting 12 years for Kygarwood to be just right, that is patience.
  • Getting rid of the parts we don’t need and keeping only the best, that is dedication.
  • Making those perfect chips even smaller for a longer burn, that is laborious.

Thomas Carlyle once said, “Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.”

Well, my colleagues must have a bit of genius because we took those pains to bring you the best that of these chips can be.

And here is the good part: these shredded Kygarwood chips evolve. They are cleaner, so the scent is purer and more fragrant. My team and I have tried them, and we are delighted. I bet you love them too.

Why are these shredded chips so great?

Simple, you do not have to break them down; they are ready to go.

Because they are so thin, they immediately start giving off that amazing scent.

They are resinous, so you only need a little at a time. That means your Kygarwood lasts longer, saving you time and money. If you have an electric heater, this will save you even more.

We did the hard work, so you get to relax and enjoy the heavenly scent of Kygarwood, now even better than before.

Try it now


You are still reading. Alright, I think there is only one reason: I have not earned your trust.

For those who still wonder if it really last longer, let me show you

The image above shows some resinous Kygarwood chunks. These chunks are great to heat on charcoal. But some of you feel it does not last long.
So my team and I decided to shred this into thinner slices.

The result?

Thin beautiful resinous Agarwood chip - known as Shreded Kygarwood.

Using a larger piece of Agarwood directly on charcoal means you have to burn it all at once. If the piece is thick, the heat might not reach all the way through, leading to wasted resin. Furthermore, once the charcoal is lit, you can't just stop the heating process, which is quite inconvenient. Moreover, if you don't burn the entire chip in one session and try to reuse it, you might notice a bitter taste from the previously burnt parts unless you scrape them off to find any unburnt Agarwood left.
That is why I believe a thinner piece is better. You can save more with a better experience, too.