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Miyako White Ash by Shoyeido- 35 grams

How to burn incense and resin without burning odour


Now you can burn your incense and resin longer without bitter-burning notes.

 The Japanese incense house uses rice to make this White Ash, called Miyako. 

 An incense lover then uses Miyako in a ceramic Ko-do cup with a mica plate on top.

Miyako White Ash is placed above hot red charcoal to stabilise its temperature. 

When you use this ash, it keeps your incense at the right temperature.
It prevents your incense, aromatic wood or resin from burning to have your incense burn longer, and you enjoy the aroma much better. You also save money because you can reuse this ash many times.
To optimise the experience, follow the diagram below and enjoy.

The white rice ash lets you burn your stickless incense (incense without bamboo core) completely. Simply place your stickless incense on top of the rice ash, and you will see your whole incense turn into grey ash.
This rice ash is reusable.

This incense white ash is the key to loose incense burning. It is odourless and suitable to use to appreciate your high-quality incense.