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Shoyeido Premium Toh Makkoh Incense Powder 100g and/or 500g


Want to make great incense? This natural adhesive will help you do that

Have you found that your ingredients do not blend or "stick" quite well, no matter what you do?

After a few tries, you managed to get to make one batch. 

You lit the incense and discovered that your own creation had a short-burn time?

During this burning time, you experience that the aroma is not quite "right" yet.

Don't worry, because I have good news for you. 

High-quality Toh Makko incense powder can be blended as an ingredient in one's own incense making. Makko acts as a binder or a natural adhesive agent in your incense. 

This water-soluble powder will work well with any type of fragrant wood. It augments the actual fragrance and prolongs the burn time of incense

Scent profile: mild cinnamon, woody spice.

This Toh Makkoh will help you make natural aromatic incense.

But there is more to it.

What if you could make your incense smells divine?

Here is the secret, add our "Wood Of God" powder. 


Because just like cooking, the secret lies in the sauce, you have all the ingredients already, and it tastes good. But if you add this secret sauce in, your incense will be more than good.

Imagine your friends smell your own creation of this Makkoh and "Wood of God" Powder.

How would they feel like your customer?

How would you feel as a host?

We made our simple cone incense using the Toh Makkoh and our "Wood Of God" Powder.

Here is the result


You may wonder if it is easy to make. You ask yourself if you could do it.

Here is one of our customer's self-made incense using this natural adhesive and blending it with our agarwood powder. Her name is Emma

Extra product information Toh Makkoh

Purpose: To use incense to blend with your own formula.

How to Use: Place a slender piece of Toh makkoh incense on top of the ash in a constant fragrance tray, timer fragrance tray, or fire chamber (kasha), using an incense tool. Light one end of the incense, and it will release its fragrance for an extended period. For added aroma variety, intersperse agarwood and sandalwood throughout the arrangement.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Contents: 500g or 100g