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Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood Incense: Pride of Kyoto/ Kyo-jiman

  • Full package size 14 grams ( approx 35 sticks), 18 cm
  • Burning time: 40 mins approx per stick
  •  Main notes:

Talking about incense, Japanese has a long history of using incense from the Asuka period 6th century when Buddhism was introduced and became popular during the Edo period. The incense was burned on many occasions from ceremonies, rituals to meditation and daily life activities. It since becomes an important practice among all classes in Japanese culture. Shoyeido is the traditional Japanese incense company established in 1705. Through 300 years, Shoyeido incense has been refined and known for highest quality incense made from the finest natural ingredients with the excellent expertise and craftsmanship

Pride of Kyoto or Kyo-jiman is the second high-quality sandalwood incense of Shoyeido premium sandalwood incense series. Closing your eyes and let the aroma of the burning incense bring you back to the old Kyoto of 6 decades ago, no, probably older than that. The incense is a well-balanced mix of the warm and earthy sweetness of sandalwood, strong and spicy sweetness of clove and the earthy vanilla of benzoin. All created a nostalgic feeling of the old Kyoto, so beautiful and so peaceful with countless temples and shrines surrounded by the mountains. This incense is perfect for your personal time when you want to contemplate and look for quietude and affection.